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Trademark Guidelines

Airbnb feels a deep responsibility to serve its community, including Hosts, guests, partners, and others who use or encounter our platform and services. Part of serving our community includes protecting our trademarks and brand. We don’t want our community or anyone else to be confused whether something is endorsed, controlled, managed or authorized by us. These Guidelines are designed to protect our brand, and also to help you responsibly share about Airbnb.

These Guidelines are part of our Terms of Service. By using any of Airbnb’s services, you’re agreeing to these Guidelines, our Terms of Service, and our other policies.

1. Airbnb’s Trademarks

Airbnb’s trademarks include the Airbnb name, Airbnb logo, Bélo logo, the Superhost badge, and Aircover, as well as all words, slogans, icons, logos, graphics, designs and other indicators that identify Airbnb, its related entities, or its services or products. We have put a lot of effort into ensuring that everything we provide you is of the highest quality, and our brands represent those efforts. This is why we protect our brands extensively by registering our trademarks and trade dress in the US and around the world.

You may NOT use the Airbnb logo, the Bélo logo or any Airbnb trademarks, logos, or icons unless you have formal written permission from the appropriate business or legal teams at Airbnb, Inc. The only exception is the limited uses of “Airbnb” detailed in Section 2 below.

Avoid confusion with Airbnb’s Trademarks


  • Adopt and use a name, logo, and brand identity, including color, font or typeface, that is distinct from Airbnb’s trademarks and brand elements.


  • Do not use the Bélo logo in any form, including separately or in combination with any business name, trademark, social media account name, or generic term.
  • Do not use “Airbnb,” “Air,” “bnb,” “b&b” or similar terms, in your website name, business name, product name, trademark, domain registration, social media handle, brand asset, etc.
  • Do not feature Airbnb's distinctive Rausch color prominently in your content, including in your trademarks, logos, designs, or other brand elements.
  • Do not use “Airbnb” as a stand-in for “short-term rental” or similar terms.




Bob’s Best Island Rental


Red's Rental Cleaning

Sunbnb or Sun Bnb

Anna’s Island Escape

BNB Teacher

Bikebandb or Bikeb&b

Bike and Stay Rentals

STR Management Co


2. Using our name, “Airbnb”

You may talk about Airbnb (the company) or use “Airbnb” to factually describe what you are offering. If this is you, please always stick to the following guidelines: 

Keep it factual, accurate, and descriptive


  • You may mention “Airbnb”, but only in a way that honestly and accurately describes your relationship with Airbnb the company and/or products that come from or are authorized by Airbnb, like “Airbnb Host,” “Airbnb listing,” the “Airbnb app,” and more.
  • Use “Airbnb” only in body text (not, for example, in titles and headlines) in an identical size, type, color, and style to the rest of the body text.


  • Do not use “Airbnb” in a way that implies partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement, including as part of your business name and/or as a branded term (e.g. “Airbnb Property Management”).
  • Do not use the word “Airbnb” more than necessary to factually describe your relationship with Airbnb. If the expression or sentence has the same meaning without using “Airbnb,” remove it.
  • Never use “Airbnb” to describe short-term rentals, temporary accommodations, or rental management generally.

Use it correctly


  • Write it “Airbnb” — one word, capital “A.” It’s not “AirBNB,” “AirBnB” or “AirBnb,” and it should never be broken apart as “Air BNB” or “Air B&B.”


  • Don’t change, add, or subtract anything from “Airbnb” — “Abb,” “Airbnb-ish,” “Airbnb-er” are not acceptable.
  • Don’t use “Airbnb” as a verb.
  • Again, because we really mean it — never use “Airbnb” to describe short-term rentals, temporary accommodation, or rental management generally.


Correct: Factual and Descriptive

Incorrect: Confusing, Misleading

We are a Property Management Company specializing in Airbnb listings

We are an Airbnb Management Company

We provide professional cleaning services for Airbnb properties

Professional Airbnb cleaning services

My Tips on Becoming an Airbnb Host

Airbnb Coaching Program

I can’t wait to be an Airbnb Host

We’re Airbnb-ing our house

I applied for a job at Airbnb

We Airbnb’ed this great house

Social Media Group for Airbnb Hosts

Airbnb [City/Country] Host Group

For Property Management Companies

If you want to advertise your short-term rental management company, the above guidelines apply to you as well. Please also remember not to refer to yourself as an “Airbnb Management Company,” or assert an “exclusive relationship” with Airbnb, which would likely confuse users into believing that you are affiliated with Airbnb. You can mention that you manage or service homes listed on Airbnb, but Airbnb should not be the focus of your website or other advertising material.

If you have a website, you must include a prominent disclosure on your website as follows, “[name of your company] is an independent third party and is not endorsed by or associated with Airbnb, Inc. or its affiliates”. If you have an earnings calculator, contact form, or any other user data captured on your website, please display the disclaimer prominently underneath the CTA button.

For Partners

Partners must have written permission to use our trademarks. If you do have permission to use our trademarks, you are required to abide by the latest brand guidelines provided by your Airbnb point of contact who can answer any questions regarding these or supplementary guidelines.

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