2022 Update

Fighting discrimination and building inclusion

Project Lighthouse

Launched in 2020, Project Lighthouse helps uncover and address disparities in how people of color experience Airbnb. We developed the initiative in partnership with Color Of Change—and with guidance from a number of civil rights and privacy organizations. Learn more
Using real data
We examine how guests and Hosts use our platform. Statistical analyses help us find opportunities to build more equitable experiences in our community.
Protecting privacy
We analyze trends in bulk and don’t associate perceived race information with specific people or accounts.
Constantly improving
Our team is continuing to identify new ways to make Airbnb fairer, more equitable, and more inclusive.

What we’ve changed

Eliminating guest profile photos prior to booking
In 2018, we implemented changes to ensure Hosts will see a guest’s photo in the booking process only after they’ve accepted a booking request. Analysis found that this change slightly increased the Booking Success Rate—the rate at which guests in the United States from different perceived racial groups successfully book an Airbnb listing—for guests who are perceived to be Black.
More reviews for more guests
Guests with reviews have a higher Booking Success Rate. But our analysis found that guests perceived to be Black or Latino/Hispanic have fewer reviews than guests perceived to be white or Asian. We are implementing changes that will make it easier for all guests to receive a review when they travel.
Making more people eligible for Instant Book
Instant Book lets a guest book a listing without requiring a Host’s approval. It’s an effective tool to reduce discrimination because it creates more objective bookings. We’ve introduced changes to make it easier for 5 million more people to use Instant Book.
Building a more inclusive travel community
Travel beyond traditional tourist hubs can bring economic opportunity to communities that haven’t historically benefited from tourism. In the next year, we’ll continue to develop and scale global programs like the Airbnb Entrepreneurship Academy to ensure broader access to the benefits of hosting on Airbnb. Our efforts include expanding programs that help recruit more Hosts who are people of color.
Expanding education for Hosts
Our Host community plays an important role in creating an equitable and welcoming experience. This year, we launched a Guide to Inclusive Hosting with educational articles and videos to help Hosts welcome guests from all abilities, genders, and backgrounds—especially those from historically marginalized communities. We expect to roll out more educational programs and product features to build inclusion.
Auditing reservation rejections to remove opportunities for bias
We know that there are legitimate reasons why a reservation may not work: the Host's calendar may have changed, or the guest may have a need—like early check-in, or bringing extra guests—that the Host can’t accommodate. We are expanding our ability to analyze reservation rejections to help improve our policies and products and fight discrimination.
Improving the rebooking experience
Under our Open Doors Policy, introduced in 2016, guests with current or upcoming reservations who report experiencing discrimination get help booking an alternative listing. We recently launched a 24-hour Safety Line designed to make it easier for guests on a trip to get urgent help, including access to rebooking assistance.
Continuing our commitment to guests with mobility needs
Our accessibility feature search filters make it easier for guests to find and book stays that meet their needs. Through Accessibility Review, we review every accessibility feature submitted by Hosts for accuracy. Our Adapted category, launched in November 2022, features hundreds of listings adapted for wheelchair access, with verified step-free paths into the home, bedroom, and bathroom, and at least one accessibility feature in the bathroom. Adapted listings even undergo a 3D scan to confirm features and measurements.

The Airbnb Community Commitment

Since 2016, we’ve asked everyone who uses Airbnb to commit to treating others with respect and without judgment or bias by agreeing to the Airbnb Community Commitment. Anyone who doesn’t agree is removed from our platform—as of 2022, that’s 2.5 million people.

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The Six-Year Update on Airbnb's Work to Fight Discrimination and Build Inclusion includes key Project Lighthouse findings, our complete data set, and progress we’ve made since 2016.
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Since 2016, we’ve consulted and collaborated with leading civil rights groups, racial experts, and privacy organizations.