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Hip Berlin Underground Tour
From Price:$31 / person
Discover Berlin
From Price:$24 / person
Rude Bastards tour of Berlin
From Price:$4 / person
Discover Berlin´s Lagoon by Bike & Boat
From Previous price:$42Discounted price:$34 / person
Berlin Stories:WWII Past & Present Tour
From Price:$17 / person
Discover Berlin's Highlights on a bike
From Price:$35 / person
Cinematic portraits & a magical walk
From Price:$89 / person
English Comedy Berlin + Pizza + Shots
From Price:$24 / person
Jogging through the Heart of Berlin
From Price:$13 / person
Create your own big spin painting!
From Price:$107 / person
Canoe `n`beer
From Price:$45 / person
English Comedy Show on a boat
From Price:$11 / person
Breakthrough with Personal Coaching
From Price:$82 / person
Phototour with an Influencer in F-Hain
From Price:$70 / person
English Comedy-Showcase
From Price:$13 / person
Portraits with a Berlin Photographer
From Previous price:$106Discounted price:$85 / person
Discover Africa in Berlin
From Previous price:$35Discounted price:$28 / person
Explore Berlin craft beer culture
From Previous price:$49Discounted price:$39 / person
Absinthe & Absinthe Cocktail Tasting
From Price:$38 / person
History and alternative tracks
From Price:$58 / person

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Creative Smartphone Photography at Home
From Price:$25 / person
Meditation brings me peace
From Price:$13 / person
Turn Butter into Ghee with Dancing Chef
From Price:$11 / person