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Create your own big spin painting!
From Price:$106 / person
Phone Photography Workshop and Tour
From Previous price:$58Discounted price:$46 / person
Getting better at posing at a photoshoot
From Price:$93 / person
Become a DJ in Berlin
From Price:$152 / person
Oil Painting with a Berlin-based Artist
From Price:$71 / person
Make silver jewellery with a Goldsmith
From Price:$212 / person
Learn how to make robots with LEGO
From Previous price:$42Discounted price:$33 / person
Discover Electronic Music Production
From Price:$71 / person
Breakthrough with Personal Coaching
From Price:$81 / person
Learn urban sketching
From Price:$36 / person
Street art Workshop and Walk Tour
From Previous price:$77Discounted price:$61 / person
Produce Elektronic Music in Berlin
From Price:$175 / person
Meditative Yoga Walk
From Price:$44 / person
Macrame Workshop
From Price:$69 / person
Smartphones Are Not For Calling
From Price:$50 / person
Learn Thai Yoga Massage
From Price:$94 / person
Say Cheese And I'll Take A Picture
From Previous price:$105Discounted price:$84 / person
Urban Twilight Photography
From Price:$93 / person
Blotted line printing with an artist
From Price:$59 / person
Learn Magic and Mindreading like a pro
From Price:$59 / person