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    Host and guest safety

    To help ensure safe stays, experiences, and interactions, certain activities and behaviors are not allowed in our community.

    What we do allow

    • Self defense: If you’re ever physically attacked during a stay or Experience, you’re allowed to defend yourself with proportionate force until the danger has ceased.
    • Permitted weapons: With the exception of explosive or incendiary devices and assault weapons, as a guest, you may bring legally-owned weapons or non-lethal weapons only if safely secured and disclosed to your Host prior to arrival. As a Host, you may keep legally-owned weapons in your accommodation provided that they are safely secured; weapons must also be disclosed if they are located in plain sight or in a way that is discoverable by guests. Learn more about our rules around weapons in a listing.

    What we don’t allow

    • Threats or abuse: Threats, violence, or abuse towards others, including intimate partners, children, animals, and ill or disabled people, have no place in our community.
    • Sexual assault and misconduct: Sexual assault and sexual misconduct of any kind are prohibited. Any unwanted or unsolicited touching, flirtatious or sexual behaviors, or conversations into personal relationships or sexual preferences are not acceptable.
    • Dangerous or illegal animals: Any animal whose breed or species is illegal to own in the location of the listing or Experience is prohibited. Domestic, farm, and wild animals that may present a safety risk during a reservation must be properly contained and proactively disclosed. Animals that haven't shown signs of presenting a risk do not need to be disclosed as the disclosure tool is for "dangerous animals.” Learn more about our rules about dangerous animals.
    • Explosive devices, incendiary devices, or assault weapons: These items are never allowed at a stay or Experience, even if it’s legal to have them in your area.
    • Unsecured/undisclosed weapons. Any legally owned weapons must be properly disclosed and safely secured.

    We're here to help

    If you or someone else feel threatened or unsafe, please first contact local law enforcement authorities for assistance.

    We take threats of suicide and self-harm very seriously and may reach out to authorities to request a wellness check if we are notified that there is imminent risk of someone in crisis.

    As always, if you witness or experience behavior that you believe may go against our policies, please let us know.

    While these guidelines don’t cover every possible scenario, they’re designed to offer general guidance on Airbnb’s community policies.

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