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    Publishing your Airbnb Plus listing

    So, you’ve accepted your invite to Airbnb Plus, finished the required updates, and now, you’re basking in Plus glory—nice work. Here’s what happens next.

    1. You’ll receive your new Plus listing, complete with professional photos, an awesome description, and a whole new look
    2. You’ll have 7 days to review, edit, or pause publishing (you can also edit after publishing)
    3. We’ll then publish the new listing (unless you’ve paused it)

    To pause publishing

    Within the 7-day review period, go to Manage Your Space in your hosting dashboard. From there, select Pause publishing. Your original listing will remain active until you choose to publish your new one.

    What happens to your old listing?

    Once published, your new listing will replace your old one for guests to browse, fall in love with, and book. Your existing reviews and ratings will transfer over, and you’ll still be able to control your bookings and pricing.

    Remember to delist outside of Airbnb

    When you joined, you agreed to exclusively list your place with us. Once your new listing is published, make sure to fulfill all program exclusivity requirements, starting with delisting your Airbnb Plus place from other booking websites and services.

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