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Unique things to do in Wisconsin

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Create a Beautiful Yarn Wall Hanging
This is a creative class, and anyone can do it! Choose your own color palette, and build a beautiful wall hanging. You'll learn how to warp your loom. Master the yarn design techniques like the basic tabby weave, soumak (braid stitch), loops, lines and shapes. Then, you'll finish the edges, take it off your loom, and hang it with driftwood, dowel or a pipe. Voila!
An authentic Indian culinary experience
****Please request time that works for you and we can accommodate you based on availability**** Experience the joy of making authentic Indian food with us, knowing the secrets behind how simple it is to make Indian food. We will help you understand the basics of Indian cuisine, right from knowing the key ingredients to cooking a few mouth watering dishes from the heart of India. Me and my wife, both come from Rajasthan, the state known for its rich variety of culinary experiences, we try to bring a glimpse of that to this experience. About the Experience- We have a menu to select the dishes you would like to experience cooking. We will help you choose from the menu, based on your taste and dietary preferences. (If you have allergies, please let us know, Indian cooking is so versatile that it will be super easy to incorporate those) You join us at the scheduled time, we present you with a welcome drink. We go over the ingredients, and a few basics about Indian cooking. We spend the next hour or so cooking, understanding each step, with actual hands-on experience. Followed by enjoying a meal together, family style. We will also cook a few suggested accompaniments (rice or breads) to compliment the dishes we choose. You are free to take notes, pictures all through the experience to make it an everlasting memory!!
Polish Culture Workshop with Pierogi Dinner
If you dont see a time frame that works for you please contact me to arrange that. This workshop is addressed to adults to learn and expend their knowledge of Polish history and culture. The course is also a perfect opportunity to gain more understanding of your Polish heritage or prepare you for a visit in Poland. As a Poland native born, I will take you on a tour what my country looks like today and share many stories about its history, events and people that shaped it in the past 100 years. Starting with a short language lesson, I will teach you few Polish greetings and how to introduce yourself in my native tongue. I will then cover Polish geography, climate and interesting facts. I will spend some time talking about Polish history, World War II, Solidarity movement and changes that took place in Poland in 1989 and helped the country flourish and transition to democracy. Moving on, we will learn about Polish traditions and I will show you a video of my brother’s wedding from Kielce, Poland. There are 16 National Holidays in Poland, and I will talk about my favorite, the All Saints Day. At the end, I will invite you to try my mom’s famous pierogi and share the recipe how to make them. Come join me to discover your roots, learn about Poland, and gain an appreciation for the rich tradition and culture of the Polish people!
Creative and engaging copper workshop with local artist
Join artist Kami Strunsee as she teaches you how to create a copper feather from start to finish with simple techniques. Choose your own feather blank, no two shapes are ever the same, then follow along with the artist as she shows you how to create depth, texture, movement, and coaches you on overall composition of your piece. Learn how to color your feather with a rainbow of inks ranging from the subdued to the vibrant. The choice is yours. Kami will demonstrate several different applications of the ink to give you the best possible outcome. Then choose from a variety of hand-stamped word plates to attach to the mount board to personalize your experience. Or learn how to use stamping tools to create your own word or phrase. Finally, mount your feather on the board and your experience is complete!
Wild Edible Plants and mushrooms
We will meet at a local coffee shop and then caravan to take a hike at a nearby trail. We will hike for 2 hours and gather plants and mushrooms that are out when you visit, and I'll teach you about their biology and what can be done with them. Any questions you have I will either answer on the trail or follow up afterwards. This experience is focused for those who are beginner or intermediate with foraging and herbalism. Each season has different flora and fungi out, and specifics of what can be found depend on the specific weather each year and week. Generally, this is what will be found throughout the growing season. -mid-May: early June: spring greens, herbs and a few mushrooms -mid-June-mid-July: berries, herbs and a few mushrooms -mid-July-mid-August: berries, herbs and many edible mushrooms picking up with some rain -mid-August-mid-September: great time for a variety of edible and other mushrooms (with good rains), herbs
Tarot and Oracle on the Lake
Eclipse season began 10.25.22 meaning we are in amplified territory—beam of light breaking that happens every six months. This is like turning the computer off or on—a forced reset. New moon intentions get more intense. We are changing at a greater speed during an eclipse. It is also Scorpio season—death/rebirth time. The willingness to allow change through leaving that which no longer serves you and allowing it to die so transformation can occur at a deeper level so we can create our true desires and intentions using ways of behaving to make them manifest. We will receive the support from spirit to let go during this time Review of participant: Suzanne is a gifted medium who instantly tapped into a meaningful connection. Steele eased my first-time jitters with her kindness, taking her time, finding deeper guidance than I ever expected from a single reading. I found her reading possessed spot-on relevance and I felt her presence was warm, inviting, full of light and encouragement. I highly recommend her experience to anyone seeking higher guidance in any aspect of life, whether you've had prior readings with other mediums or if this is your first experience. I will definitely continue working with Suzanne because she exudes generosity of spirit and compassion beyond measure. Her reading was a pleasure, something I wish to experience again. Jenn Diamond
Biodiversity stewardship
Welcome to our home place! As you drive through the jackleg fence gate you will be greeted by Elijah & the two dogs. The sheep & hens are free range so keep an eye out for them crossing the lane as you drive in. Introductions will be exchanged as you take your time to get the appropriate footwear/clothing on & then it's time to discuss topsoil, mycelium & the benefits of no-till aeration in the front hayfield which is done by swine & fowl. Next it's time to feed the hens! You will be handed a scoop of whole scratch grains from the garden shed & be given a demonstration on how to call for the hennies & how to throw their grain. We have many different breeds of fowl, so be sure to feel free to ask "what kind of chicken is that!?!" The second half of the land use tour focuses on forest management, fungi, bee & bat habitat, watershed & so much more. The last part of the tour will be spent with our small flock of sheep & if it is in season, you will be offered the chance to try some delicious sheep milk! An absolute delicacy!!
Mix Organic Cosmetics and Skincare
Each week we create a new experience for you to enjoy. Come in to learn how to make an organic skincare treat made just for you, by you. The workshops rotate weekly throughout the year from 20 different options including (but not limited to): lotion, makeup, bath bombs and lip balm. You will begin by learning about each individual ingredient you can choose to personalize the product just for you. You have the opportunity to pick your own base oils, colors, scents and additives while learning how to incorporate them into the product of the week. As we spend about 30-40 minutes making the product each person will get the opportunity to experience the individual ingredients and see how others are blending them to get their own unique product. You will then go home with a completed product made by you. Whether it is a lip gloss, room spray or dry shampoo you will get to enjoy your handmade creation right away. Feel free to contact me if you would like to find out exactly what product we will be making on the week you are visiting. We do not use any wheat, corn, nut dairy or soy ingredients in the products.
Arts, Etc's Great Create/Pour Painting
Art comes in many different forms, techniques, process. All you need to know is that YOU CAN Create a beautiful piece of art in our fun workshop here at Arts, Etc. "The Great Create" Pour Painting workshop is a experiential workshop that will allow you to create a unique piece of art with a one of kind design. You will have a choice of painting on 2 16x20, 3 12x18, or 5 8x10 canvas, or a set of 4 coaster's and 2 trivets. Your artwork will be left with me in the studio to dry. I will apply a finishing on it let to cure and with be shipped to you. (Usually 2 to 3 weeks). workshops are easy to do. No artistic ability needed to participate. Everyone can create and have fun! You masterpieces will stay with me to dry, cure and provided with finishing touch...this will take a few weeks and then will be shipped to you at no added cost to you.
Wilderness hike to Hungarian waterfalls
No need to worry about directions! I will be taking you on a hike into the woods, to see some beautiful waterfalls! (note: at the end of summer and fall, the waterfalls slow down, but still amazing to see!) We will hike together uphill to the waterfalls, stopping along the way for pictures and breaks if needed. I can’t wait to share my passion for hiking in the Keweenaw with you! I also enjoy sharing facts about our local mining history along the way! I have been hiking these trails since I was a young boy and I am looking forward to getting to know you, while showing you one of my favorite local spots!! This hike is available year round!! You just need to have boots and snowshoes for the snowy months. (NOTE: The address on this experience is NOT my house and the place to meet at is the Tamarack Park on Highway M26 near Hubbell, MI)
Acrylic pour, Coffee, bloodies, Mimosas and More
Join us for a satisfying acrylic pour workshop and create a unique masterpiece! Grab a delicious Bloody Mary, mimosa and coffee provided by local coffee collective Esperanza Coffee!! Also maybe some biscuits and gravy while your'e at it!! You will learn some money saving tips and 2 basic acrylic pour styles! You will also learn how to mix your own paints in comparison to some premade paints for pouring. You will experience what it is like to connect with yourself and trusting the process of this trending art technique! Included are all paint and materials including gloves and boxes to take your creations home! This is not your average sip n paint!! Can’t wait to create with you!!
Hike to Douglas Houghton Falls, Michigan's largest waterfall
Let me guide you to Michigan’s largest waterfall, Douglas Houghton Falls!! We will meet on side of the highway and then I will take you on a hike into the woods. After about five minutes we will be at the top of Michigan’s largest waterfall!! Once we reach the falls we will take the time to explore the surrounding areas on top of the waterfall! Safety will be the top priority on this experience!! With that said this hike is for people 18 years and older with no exceptions!! There will be opportunities throughout the experience to take pictures and have pictures taken by me if you would like :)
Cave Point Kayak Tour
I guide with Check their online booking for extra availability, as I only offer 2 spots here, but we usually take groups up to 12 on our tours. We will kayak one of the most picturesque seascapes in Door County, WI. Cave Point county park is a gem of a location and the one of the best seen from the view of a kayak. Check out our cavepointpp dot com. for more availability and opportunities too. We meet, fill out waivers, get fitted for a life jacket, do a paddle lesson and venture off to launch the kayaks. We are on the water for about 2 hours and then return to shore. Dress for the beach and prepare your smile for the camera. Cave Point has a cave we can paddle into if it is calm enough and the rest of the coastline is very scenic. If conditions are not safe for cave point, we will kayak a different location like our Death's Door Bluff Shipwreck tour or our Eco-Estuary Tour. Other things to note No experience necessary, we use sit on top tandem and single kayaks for your safety and enjoyment.
Sandbar Cruise on the Wisconsin River
You'll get to experience the beauty of Lake Wisconsin and the Wisconsin River with a day out on the water. You'll jump on our pontoon boat for a ride around the lake and into the river where we'll stop at a sandbar if it's possible to spend some time. All you bring is your choice of beverages and food. We supply the rest.
Sailing on Lake Superior
Your private MECO Sailing experience starts just in view of the Aerial Lift Bridge, a short distance from Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota. Step aboard MECO and get ready to have some fun! We’ll sail along side all the Great Lakes freighters and ocean going “salties”. We’ll head out under the Aerial Lift Bridge, through the channel and out on to beautiful Lake Superior! Experience the exhilaration of a great day out on the water, raise some sails, helm the boat or just sit back with a glass of wine and charcuterie… just for you! Enjoy your day. Have another time your group would like other than what is offered? Just let us know!