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Unique things to do in Tanzania

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Stone Town Historical and Cultural Walk with a Local
Join me or one of my team guides on this insightful walk, within the hours invested in the tour you will gain a great understanding of the architecture, culture, daily life and the fascinating history of Zanzibar's world heritage site, and its significant areas, buildings and historical sites. You will soon notice how Zanzibar’s cosmopolitan roots blend with African traditions to shape its unique culture. Other things to note: The tour duration is not limited to 2 hours, depending upon your interests it can be more or less.
Making Tanzanian jewelry
At our workshop, you will get the opportunity to experience a day at Afrikan Wear Design. After your arrival, we will give you an introduction to our history and what we do. You will get to know the team and take a look at their work process. After that Mama Hokororo will sit down with you and teach you how to make Tanzanian jewelry which you can take home afterward. Following that you get the chance to experience real Tanzanian lunch. We are happy to organize your transport from your accommodation to our workshop, just let us know before that this is what you wish.
A day of culture, food, landscape Arusha
This is your chance to experience highlights of the city of Arusha. You will visit areas of Arusha and experience elements of the authentic culture and way of life of a local Arusha citizen. The itinerary varies throughout the week because different markets are open different days of the week so for more details please inbox me. Food is one great way for anyone to experience and remember any culture. In this tour, you will visit the marketplace where you will enjoy the range of foods, fruits, and vegetables in display. We can even visit the famous market where goats and cows from Maasai community are auctioned; I highly recommend this authentic Maasai experience. The food markets will be sanitary and safe so you don't have to worry about any of that. If you would like to purchase something, you are welcome to do so. When its lunchtime, you will get to eat local foods and drink local beer or other non-alcoholics at local food stalls and famous local eating spots. Arusha is also known for its gorgeous landscape, and you will see this as we travel through the busy town to the quieter rural outskirts of Arusha. You will enjoy the fresh breeze and green panoramic landscape views with hills as you venture through the city and into the more peaceful outskirts of Arusha. Other things to note Please be advised that the meeting points, itinerary and visited places might change according to the date and time.
Immerse into Kikuletwa hotspring by Tuk tuk-Bajaji
Our Chemka Hot Spring Swimming tour will begin from picking you from your Hotel, Hostel, Lodge or family staying in Moshi or Arusha. In Moshi we prefer to meet at MAS' restaurant Uhuru park area. In Arusha Florida Round about. Pick up from your place(accommodation) charges will be up to you if transfer cost will be needed to Moshi Bus station or Arusha Bus station. Bomang’ombe is our starting point of the experience where our Main transport will be Tuk Tuk (Bajaji) which takes 20min to Hotspring. You will have a grateful day from beautiful nature around the highway with big smile from Locals. On arrival at this oasis of its kind you will spend a few hours soaking in the pleasantly warm waters, as well as swinging on the rope swing , relaxing in the sun-dappled shade of the trees, hearing different sounds of birds, Fish massage which will make to relax while your legs under water, Taking Photos and Video is another good experience you won’t forget in this amazing trip. You will test local favorites such as Chips-mayai (a French fry omelets made out of eggs and potato chips) which is a local foods. Enjoy this experience before/after doing safari or climb mount Kilimanjaro. STARTING POINT is BOMANG’OMBE but we can pick you from MOSHI and ARUSHA by Public transport(Bus) paying one way bus fare. We bring First Aid Kit during Experience!
Experience the Maasai Culture by Bike tour
On arrival in Maasai village by Mountain Bike you will immerse into great cultural and traditions experience by guided by Maasai warrior. The most famous of Africa’s people, these fierce warriors are still practicing their ancestral way of life and are known for their pastoral traditions, living off their herds of cattle, sheep, goats, and donkeys. They still exist on a diet of milk, blood, and meat, however, it is becoming very common place to supplement their diet with grain. You will involve in different activities in maasai community wchich including maasai dancing, witness inside maasai boma with skin cow matress, local grasses for chassing away mosquitoes, intering in animal house, how to make fire by using pieces of trees( Ulindi and Ulimbombo) and explain you typical medicinal plants, extraordinary tree. In addition to that, the usage of local tools, hunting techniques, fire preparation the usage of local tools, hunting techniques and fire preparation is a part your unforgettable bush excursion. Starting point is BOMANG’OMBE but we can pick you from MOSHI or ARUSHA by Public transport(Bus). Let us know if you need a Safari tour, Mt Kilimanjaro/Meru Trekking and Zanzibar holiday. Welcome
Full-day Ngorongoro Tour from Arusha
A day adventure to the famous Ngorongoro Crater. The main feature of the Ngorongoro Conservation Authority is the Ngorongoro Crater, the world's largest inactive, intact and unfilled volcanic caldera. The crater, which formed when a large volcano exploded and collapsed on itself two to three million years ago, is 610 metres (2,000 feet) deep and its floor covers 260 square kilometres (100 square miles). Estimates of the height of the original volcano range from 4,500 to 5,800 metres (14,800 to 19,000 feet) high. The crater floor is 1,800 metres (5,900 feet) above sea level. The crater was voted by Seven Natural Wonders as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa in Arusha, Tanzania in February 2013. The Ngorongoro volcano was active from about 2.45 to 2 million years ago. This is a must visit place when in Arusha and I shall make you have a lifetime experience that you will always remember. Tour available everyday of the week, contact for availability if the day you want to take the tour is not listed.
Maasai village & Cultural Heritage tour
On this tour, you will start off by visiting the amazing Maasai village located about 1 and a half hour from the city centre of Arusha. You will get to learn about the origin of the Maasai, their ways of life and how they go about their day to day activities. You will interact and see how fire is made from sticks and how meat is being prepared traditionally. After the visit to this amazing cultural experience, you will then head to the Cultural Heritage centre and visit African Arts Gallery - the biggest Arts and Crafts Gallery in Africa. You will get to see the best painting and curio crafts handmade by African artists and also see the finest jewel only available in Tanzania - Tanzanite. After this, you will be driven back at the same destination of pick up. Tour available everyday of the week, contact for availability if the day you want to take the tour is not listed
Arusha city tour by walking
Hello! Starting with the meeting point known Clocktower having an amazing and unique history of the place will be familiar for some time . T hen a head straight to Mwenge tour where Arusha declaration was done by our firat president Mwl. julius Nyerere with Abeid Karume the fist president of zanzibar, on the way we will pass at the Ngorongoro building known as the head office of conservators. Having pictures and relaxing a while at Arusha declarations then we will have a walking to an oldest market since we were colonized by German and now is called central market that selling vegetables, fruits taking photos with chagga mama and maasai mama also we will take a walk to Maasai curious where maasai handcrafts are made and sold hope you will buy some. If you still have energy we will walk to a big mall in arusha known shoppers mall to buy different staff for your own, this destination it depend if still have enough energy to walk. Thank you for choosing our experience.
Private trip - Mnemba with Lunch, Snorkeling, Sandbank
We start the trip to Mnemba Island at 9.30 from Kendwa Beach. On the way to Mnemba we normally see dolphins and you are free to jump in and swim with them. When we reach Mnemba you will be snorkeling with a lot of different fish species around the island, while we prepare the seafood and chicken BBQ lunch, seasonal fruits and soft drinks for you. If the tide is low, we also get off on Mnemba sandbank were you can take some magical pictures on the white sand in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We start to sail slowly back from Mnemba around 16.00 and watching the sunset before reaching Zanzibar around 18.30. You will be back with a whole new experience and view from what is under the surface of the Indian Ocean.
Bike tour to Chemka Hotspring for Swimming and relaxing
CYCLING, SWIMMING AND RELAXING. Our experience is based on cycling Mountain bike through lough road and the swimming of warm water. We will take you to hotspring by cycling. On arrival at this oasis of its kind you will spend a few hours soaking legs in warm water as well as swinging on the rope and drop into water from the highest height,relaxing in shade watching flowing of clean water. You may also having your lunch which are made around this area eg Nyama choma, Chips and eggs. You can not find any where in the northern part of Tanzania except in Kilimanjaro. Better experience before/after Hiking Mt Kilimnjaro or Meru,Safari and Zanzibar beach holidays. we offer public transport pick-up from MOSHI,ARUSHA BUS TERMINAL(Our own cost) and Private Car ONLY from KILIMANJARO AIRPORT (JRO) your own cost. Let us know if you need Tour, Mt Kilimanjaro hiking , Safari and Zanzibar Beach for arrangements. Tip not needed but appreciated . WELCOME
Waterfall, Hotspring, Coffee Tour Moshi
A full day adventure to Moshi town where we will visit the Materuni waterfall then go to Kikuletwa village for a Hotspring tour. Located just 15km away from Moshi Town, Materuni is the last village before the Kilimanjaro National Park and the home to the most amazing waterfall in the northern region. Be ready for a 40 minutes walk to the pool at the foot of the waterfall that is inviting for a refreshing swim and amazing flora and fauna on the way. Before going to The Hot spring in Kikuletwa, local packed lunch is provided after the tour to the waterfall. Kikuletwa Hot springs is also located in the middle of a semi arid landscape, surrounded by sprawling fig trees. Amid the trees it features crystal clear water bubbling from underground springs. This is a perfect destination, to take a swim after a trip to the waterfall. The drive from Moshi town is about an hour. Tour available everyday of the week, contact for availability if the day you want to take the tour is not listed
Zanzibar spice tour & cooking class
Fantastic spice farm tour with Zanzibar cooking class. You'll start the day at a local market Darajani in Stone town for ingredients shopping,afterwards head to the spice farms, short walk + learn about the spices, then proceed to a cooking class with experienced local chef. Available for all dietary options i.e Vegans - vegetarians - gluten free etc.
The full nature experience Hike, Canoe, Fish, and Birdwatch
The meeting point is at Arusha Himo(A23) and Lake Duluti Road. At 12 IN THE AFTERNOON. Depending on where you are, I can also pick you up. We will walk an offroad route through narrow paths of the Meru village through a Catholic church, a Catholic school, and breathtaking peaceful Natural Scenes. Depending on the pace, the hike can take 2-3 hours. We will arrive at Lake Duluti for the tour, relaxation, cannoe sail and lunch. A professional guide will take you through the well reserved forest with some remains from the German colonial rule. The professionaly trained guide will identify and tell you a number of interesting facts about each bird specie. If you are an enthusiast of African birds you will be left open-mouthed by the variety of birds in the well-reserved forest. If not you will just enjoy a hike through the forest accompanied by different songs from different bird species, you can sometimes spot monkeys and enjoy a view of Mount Kilimanjaro at one of our resting points. After the hike, we will go on a canoe tour around the lake. If you are a fishing enthusiast you can also go for fishing, equipment and extras will be applied. Otherwise you will enjoy a peaceful row around the quiet lake. And afterwards deserved relaxation by the lake where you can have a drink, food, until you leave at your desired time.
Biking Tour in Tengeru Lake Duluti
This tour will start at historical sites, including the cemetery of Polish war refugees. We will go on to the Local Market of Tengeru, where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and local crafts. After, we will bike through the village and experience local culture and traditions along the way. You will get the chance to experience local dishes, the coffee making process on coffee plantations and learn about mixed agriculture. The biking tour will take you to the waterfalls of Mount Meru and to a point where you can see both Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro. The tour will end at Lake Duluti.
Bicycling tour around Arusha National Park
Bicycling tour around Arusha National Park. We meet at the Hobby Fast Food- our non profit café. Then we ride down to the old Moshi road, pass churches and mosques and the place where we have our market on Thursdays and Sundays. After that we continue at the big road until Momela road – The road to the Arusha national park. There you will see coffee plantations, and we will tell you about what we Tanzanians grow here. If you look up you will even see Mount Meru. After that we leave the big road and go by the road up to Usa River, where the guide will tell you about the water drainage system and tell you about how they used that to feed the big flower plantation, which used to be here. You still see the greenhouses. If you are lucky, you will even see some of the wild animals living here - zebras, antelopes many kinds of monkeys and birds. After a little break there you continue through the village, where you will pass a lot of shops and children. The children will call HI you Mzungu and run after you. Then we continue down again, and stop at our café. This café is driven by volunteers from URYDO. There we will have a soda, and you can buy bites or order delicious local food and eat at our roof top terrace with a view over the life in Usa River- even Mount Meru and Killimanjaro if the weather is clear.