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Unique things to do in Tanzania

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Historical Stone Town Walk By Ally Jape
Join me or one of my team guides on this insightful walk, within the hours invested in the tour you will gain a great understanding of the architecture, culture, daily life and the fascinating history of Zanzibar's world heritage site, and its significant areas, buildings and historical sites. You will soon notice how Zanzibar’s cosmopolitan roots blend with African traditions to shape its unique culture. Other things to note: The tour duration is not limited to 2 hours, depending upon your interests it can be more or less.
To the Hot Springs in the local way
Do you like the local way? You like to make new experiences and you want to get to know the culture? Then let me invite you to accompany my way to the little paradise in Moshi - in local style. I will show you the hot springs, called “Maji Moto or Chemka Hot Springs”. You can swim and relax in the turquoise waters, get "massaged" by small fish or jump in the water via a swing or from tall trees. A cozy atmosphere incl. picnic area invites you for a relaxing time. We will travel the more-local-and-not-so-touristy-way: In the morning we meet at the Highway supermarket. There you will have the opportunity to get some snacks for the day. From there, we take the "Daladala" (van for public transport) a few kilometers on the highway. Driving Daladala is characterized by music and many people who often carry interesting things and spontaneous conversations with locals - worth experiencing! Next, we'll take the Tuktuk to the Hot Springs, where we'll enjoy the day and eat Chipsi Mayai before returning in the evening. Includes: x Daladala & Tuktuk both ways x English speaking guide x Ring for Swimming x "Chemka - Hot Springs" entrance x Lunch (Chipsi Mayai) x 1.5l water/person
Trail hiking to beautiful waterfalls and coffee tour
My name is Johnny I'm Tanzanian i was born here in Kilimanjaro at Materuni village. Am 21 years old, am chagga by tribal. Materuni village is the last village before Kilimanjaro National park. Once you will visit my village you will register at the village office after that youre tour will begin is 45 minutes from the office to the waterfalls. On the way to the waterfalls you will see bananas and coffee plantations and learn more about my culture and the life of the villagers not only that but also to see Moshi town view point and spectacular view of mount kilimanjaro. After waterfalls you will get back and have short break while you waiting for coffee lesson and you will learn how coffee is processed picking, driying, pounding, roasting, grinding up to drink in local way. Youre mostly welcome.
Zanzibar spice tour & cooking class
Fantastic spice farm tour with Zanzibar cooking class. You'll start the day at a local market Darajani in Stone town for ingredients shopping,afterwards head to the spice farms, short walk + learn about the spices, then proceed to a cooking class with experienced local chef. Available for all dietary options i.e Vegans - vegetarians - gluten free etc.
Bike tour to Kikuletwa Hotspring by MTBike
IT WILL END UP TO ENJOY SWIMMING,FRESH AIR, FRESH WATER AT KIKULETWA (CHEMKA) HOTSPRING 1. STARTING WITH THE BIKE CYCLING! Our experience is based on cycling Mountain Bike to enjoy lough road and the swimming of warm water(Hotspring). 2. On arrival at this oasis of its kind you will spend a few hours soaking in the pleasantly warm waters, as well as swinging on the rope swing , relaxing in the sun-dappled shade of the trees, hearing different sounds of birds, Fish massage which will make to relax while your legs under water, Taking Photos and Video is another good experience you won’t forget in this amazing trip. 3. You will test local favorites such as Chips-mayai (a French fry omelette made out of eggs and potato chips) $2.5 and Nyama-choma which is a local barbecue. Enjoy this experience before/after doing safari or climb mount Kilimanjaro. STARTING POINT is BOMANG’OMBE but we can pick you from MOSHI and ARUSHA by Public transport(Bus). \We bring First Aid Kit during Experience! WE ALSO HAVE : Experience to Maasai boma by Bike Tips is not included to the price. Welcome for the Experience by Bike Tour!
The unique city tour in Arusha by professional guide
by walking in town first of all you will be get to know the information about arusha declaration at mwenge tower how was made and after some moments and having pictures, After we will walk directly to clock tower on the way you will see Ngorongoro building where offices of conservator are located after getting the information to know clock tower in deep we will on way to, Maasai curious the best place in arusha to see how maasai people made cultural bracelets and necklaces if willing you will be able to buy some products from them, Open market where you will be see how arusha is blessed from different type of fruits and how entrepreneurs from arusha doing business, Finally our trip will be ended to the most popular super market in arusha called shoppers moll.
Unforgettable cooking experience
Allow me to welcome you into my family home for an experience of a lifetime. Enjoy a delicious, home cooked meal from Tanzania Cusine and experience how the locals eat and entertain every day! You will learn about the origin of this unique cusine . While learning I’ll be giving great stories about my tradition and culture and give the most fascinating stories you never heard about my country. This is more than cooking because we will make sure we leave you with lessons and enjoyment. You will also learn how to cook your own delicious Tanzania food and leave you with unforgettable experience. This delightful activity is fun for young and old and you are guaranteed to try it out again in the future! All the recipes will be shared with you once you leave which will enable you to recreate all of these dishes in the privacy of your own home.
Snorkeling at Mnemba Island
Join us on a boat trip to one of Zanzibars famous islands called Mnemba Island which is popular for its beautiful underwater world. We start in the morning from Nungwi Beach around 8.30 am and will head to Mnemba Island. Transport from your Hotel can be organized. You’ll have around 1 hour to jump into the water and enjoy watching all of the tropical fish species. If you‘re not a good swimmer or never snorkeled before - don’t worry! A professional guide will help you and make sure you’ll enjoy this experience. After we will head to a sandbank next to the island where you’ll be offered some fruity snacks and have the option to take stunning pictures. Fruits and water is included in the price - if you would like us to arrange anything else, let us know ahead and we will get everything you need! If you're lucky, you might even see some dolphins on the way and will be given the chance to swim with them. We will then head back to Nungwi Beach where to journey started.
Private trip - Mnemba with Lunch, Snorkeling, Sandbank
We start the trip to Mnemba Island at 9.30 from Kendwa Beach. On the way to Mnemba we normally see dolphins and you are free to jump in and swim with them. When we reach Mnemba you will be snorkeling with a lot of different fish species around the island, while we prepare the seafood and chicken BBQ lunch, seasonal fruits and soft drinks for you. If the tide is low, we also get off on Mnemba sandbank were you can take some magical pictures on the white sand in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We start to sail slowly back from Mnemba around 16.00 and watching the sunset before reaching Zanzibar around 18.30. You will be back with a whole new experience and view from what is under the surface of the Indian Ocean.
Arusha to Tarangire Africa Wildlife Safari & Adventure
For those pressed for time, this tour lets you experience one of Tanzania’s most beloved national parks. You’ll have the chance to see the Big Five and plenty more Tarangire National Park, home to Tanzania’s largest elephant population, is a fascinating park during the dry season when the Tarangire River becomes a vital source of water for animals throughout the region. As vast herds of wildebeest and zebra move to the river to replenish, the park’s lions, leopards, and hyenas capitalise in a dynamic display of nature’s cruel beauty.
Canoeing and Hiking Around Lake Duluti
Tour takes place at Arusha region Tengeru street where we'll visit lake Duluti Forest Reserve We'll talk about the history of lake that's it is unique from it formation and the name came from local people We'll canoe around the lake to discover different animals and birds that are found around the lake. We'll walk around the lake in the forest to see different kinds of forest birds small animals and reptiles found around the lake. After the tour in afternoon we'll have lunch in the restaurant found close to lake Duluti forest reserve
Discover the reality of life in Zanzibar from a local tribe
Do it like a local in Zanzibar! Enjoy the true experience of living among the villagers in a local community. You will have the opportunity to visit a traditional small tribe and get to know how the people of Zanzibar make a daily life. You will be accompanied in this adventure by your guide Kombo. Kombo is a local Zanzibarian, born and raised in Fukuchani and expert in local communities resources and development. Follow Kombo through the singular plantations of local fruits and learn about their natural harvesting methods. Continue your way to their private secret cave, where you will have the chance to swim in crystal clear water. Next, meet the welcoming spirit of the tribe and collaborate yourself in one of their routine tasks, such us: Collecting fresh coconuts from the palm trees, helping the women to draw water from their wells and observe the construction of traditional mud houses. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the tribe and learn about the importance of their ancient sacred regional trees or the artisan manufacture of benches made of palm fibers. By the way, we know how relaxed island life might be at times so, don´t worry, we will always adapt the tour to your own schedule! We will be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns :) Join this adventure and let yourself be touched by the genuine soul of the welcoming people of Zanzibar!
Explore Chemka Hot Spring
meeting guests florida round about in arusha or picking them around the city centre and provide unique history about tanzania while taking the public transport that includes local passengers to bomang'ombe where will be the next stop that you can pick some snacks at the super market then we get another local and funny transport known bajaji (tuktuk) to the hot spring meeting maasai women carrying luggage on their heads while others walking with donkeys where the activities will be done, among of them swimming, getting massage by small fish, watching beautiful vervet monkey and other birds, jumping with threads in the hot water while waiting to grab some local food like wali maharage or chips mayai. seeing the beautiful scenery while hearing swahili getting ready to take the tuktuk back after enjoying maji moto
Learn Delicious Traditional Cooking with Mama's of Zanzibar
By joining us you will unlock a side of Zanzibar tourist don't get to experience. A community lifestyle in Zanzibar, that is authentic, educational, enjoyable, delicious and fun for all ages! You will get a hands-on training from our homes on how to learn how to cook authentic Zanzibari food We are a group of passionate Zanzibari women eager to share our rich cultural cuisines and traditional dishes with you! Our menus has rich exotic island flavours and aromas overviewed by a professional chefs. We will be honoured and super excited to welcome you to our community! Please keep in mind that when booking this experience you will be supporting and empowering us directly, as Zanzibari woman. Our day starts 08:00hrs - 14:00hrs. 08:00 Arriving + Greet and Meet 08:15 Menu Introduction + Day Routine 08:30 Heading to Local Market 09:15 Back at Pishi HQ to prepare for cooking 09:30 - 12:00 Prepare cooking Items + Cooking Classes 12:00 Free time as we arrange for lunch + Explore the neighbourhood + Discover the boutique Shop* + Henna Painting* 12:15 Lunch Time 13:00 End of lunch 13:30 Experience End * *day may not go as above planned as classes depend on the group stories and extra fun activity may pop up :) We are vegetarian friendly and are happy to cater to special diaries, share your dietary in details and we shall do our best to pick a custom menus accordingly!
Cook a traditional Tanzanian food
First, we talk about the traditional food of Tanzania and decide what to cook. Then we go shopping together with the local mamas at the street shops. We talk about the origin of the food and how to get a good price. We continue to the butcher. Then we return to the café and prepare the food together. As we cook the food we talk about the Tanzanian kitchen and which part food plays in Tanzanian life. We talk about the different tribes, and their different traditions in regard to food. After making the food, we eat together at our roof top terrace with views over the life in Usa River Other things to note PLEASE NOTE THAT TIPS IS NOT INCLUDED – THE TIPS IS THE ONLY SALARY FOR THE VOLUNTEER GUIDES