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United States
A Sandwich Masterclass with a Pro
From Price:$15 / person
Diwali Special - Get Creative with Interactive Street Art
From Price:$25 / person
Great Britain
Yoga with Olympic Champion Kat Copeland
From Price:$17 / person

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Meditation with a Japanese Buddhist Monk
From Price:$15 / person
Haunted Mansion Escape Room Mystery Game
From Price:$20 / person
Chai Tea Masterclass-(VEGAN Friendly)
From Price:$10 / person

Great for groups

United States
Quick Classic Cocktails - Two Ways
From Price:$19 / person
Cook Beijing Style Noodles&Soy Bean Paste with Top Chef(vegan ok)
From Price:$18 / person
Moroccan Home Cooking or Pastries
From Previous price:$19Discounted price:$15 / person

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South Korea
Squid Game - Discover Korea
From Price:$0 / person
United States
The Art of The English Language, Conversational English
From Price:$10 / person
Russian Federation
Feel the Russian spirit
From Price:$9 / person