Unforgettable activities hosted by locals

  • Create your own bouquet with a florist
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Kayak with a river guide
From Price:$43 / person
Create a mother-of-pearl inlaid plate
From Price:$43 / person
There's only one silver accessories in the world that I make with my hands..
From Price:$36 / person
Watching baseball game in Seoul & after party at local bar
From Price:$71 / person
Afternoon tea time with Cafe-hopping in Seoul
From Price:$25 / person
Making your signature perfume to recall the memories you lost in life with scent
From Price:$51 / person
[K-BEAUTY 101] With a TV host
From Price:$43 / person
K-Beauty Personal color, Must-do course in Korea
From Price:$92 / person
Make rice cakes at a dessert studio
From Price:$46 / person
Explore daylife With local
From Price:$18 / person
Restaurants, cafes where real Seoul people go
From Price:$50 / person
Makeup master class at private studio
From Price:$71 / person
Make your own one-day rug in a cozy space that resembles the beauty of Korea
From Price:$69 / person
Draw folk art with a Minhwa painter
From Price:$43 / person
'Gangnamstyle' Yeongdong traditional market food tour
From Price:$39 / person
Make a signature scent with a perfumer
From Price:$57 / person
Best Mountainbike trip in South Korea
From Price:$141 / person
Enjoying Songpa, Seoul walking tour with local
From Price:$29 / person
From Price:$116 / person
Let-s picnic in the HanRiver
From Price:$32 / person

Highly rated and just outside of Seocho-gu

Exotic Cooking at Local Home&Market tour
From Price:$60 / person
⭐Night Market Food Tour
From Price:$59 / person
Create signature perfume with a perfumer
From Price:$53 / person