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Viva a navegação em oito horas
From Price:$1,200 / person
Canto Grande
Gourmet picnic in Bombinhas
From Price:$27 / person
Praia Brava
Let's make your dream of Flying come true
From Price:$78 / person
Modele sua vasilha na roda de oleiro
From Price:$63 / person
Sailing boat trip in Bombinhas-SC
From Price:$45 / person
Aulas de surf ou stand up guia de surf e passeios guiados
From Previous price:$22Discounted price:$17 / person
Trilha do Rapa com peixe na brasa
From Price:$16 / person
São João do Rio Vermelho
Batom vermelho - um estilo de vida
From Price:$8 / person
Governador Celso Ramos
Paddling with kayaks at Gov Celso Ramos
From Price:$53 / person
Seakayaking in Zimbros
From Price:$43 / person
Sessão de fotos em Tijucas e região
From Price:$45 / person
Histórias e Lendas de Bombinhas
From Previous price:$28Discounted price:$22 / person
Canto Grande
Caiaque com snorkeling na Ilha do Macuco
From Price:$53 / person
Ingleses do Rio Vermelho
Hiking Dunas Ingleses e Dazaranha
From Price:$30 / person
Porto Belo
Remada ao redor da Ilha de Porto Belo
From Price:$43 / person

Airbnb Experiences are vetted for quality

Airbnb Experiences are vetted for quality

Airbnb Experiences are vetted for quality
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    Led by locals who love where they’re from and what they do.

  • Small groups

    With intimate group sizes, you’ll never get lost in the crowd.

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Introducing Online Experiences

Great Britain
Yoga with Olympic Champion Kat Copeland
From Price:$17 / person
New York
A Sandwich Masterclass with a Pro
From Price:$15 / person
A Champion Mindset with Michelle Carter
From Price:$25 / person