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    Offer a seamless check-in with the new Arrival Guide

    You can include directions, check-in instructions, and wifi info.
    By Airbnb on May 13, 2021
    12 min read
    Updated Jun 4, 2021


    • The new Arrival Guide now surfaces important details to help welcome your guests with ease—and save you time

    • Double check that basic info, like directions to your space, is available in the “info for guests” section of your Listings tab

    Maybe the most important moment of a trip is the arrival, when guests discover your space. After what might be months of anticipation, your guests are ready to settle in and explore. This can be exciting, but if they don’t have certain info, a shaky check-in can set an uneasy tone for the guests' entire stay—and have an impact on your review.

    That’s where the new Arrival Guide comes in. Starting this month, guests will find a handy check-in guide at the top of their Trips tab 48 hours before check-in. Previously, this information was only listed under reservation details, but it took several clicks and lots of scrolling for guests to find it. The new guide makes it easier to access critical check-in details on one screen, so your guests will have what they need, when they need it—and you can help make sure their stay is off to a 5-star start.

    The Arrival Guide is just one of 100+ changes we’re making to Airbnb to get ready for the anticipated travel rebound—and help ensure you’re ready to start welcoming guests again.

    Giving your guests a seamless arrival

    In order for this to work, we need some info from you. Have you filled out all the fields under the “info for guests” section of “manage your space”? To check, visit your Listings tab, select a listing to update, and ensure all the fields under the “info for guests” section (under “manage your space”) are complete. There are three key fields that need to be filled out so your Arrival Guide is complete:

    • Directions to your space
    • Check-in instructions
    • Wifi info

    Guests may have anxiety about the check-in process, especially if they're new to Airbnb. To help provide a smooth experience, you can still send guests a message with detailed instructions or important information about the space before they arrive. You can also welcome guests digitally or physically to help them feel more at ease.

    Since the check-in experience is a crucial part of the review process, we hope the Arrival Guide will make it simpler for your guests to find your space and enjoy their stay—and for you to communicate and host with confidence.

    Curious about what your guests will receive? Check out the new Arrival Guide.

    Getting to your space

    Filling out all the fields under “info for guests” can help your guests find your space without any issues. This includes your address as well as any specific instructions that might be helpful.

    Map apps can usually get your guests most of the way there with just the address, and sometimes all the way there. This means you don’t need to provide turn-by-turn directions, which can add confusion.

    However, adding additional details that might not be available in standard map apps can help guests navigate to your place without any hassle. For example, if your apartment building has a side entrance or you have a bright red mailbox outside your house, it's helpful to add these details.

    How to get inside

    Once your guests find your property, they’ll need to know how to unlock your door and get settled. Under “info for guests,” you can share things like:

    • Your check-in method (for example, a smart lock, a lockbox, or an in-person greeting from you)
    • Most importantly, check-in instructions—and if you use the Airbnb app on iOS or Android, you can also add a step-by-step check-in guide with photos

    Once your guests know whether they should expect a personal welcome or a lockbox, try to give them a little more context in the check-in instructions. If you use a standard lock box code, you can include it here (the code will be shared with your guest 48 hours before arrival). If you customize your codes for each guest, this is a great place to note that you'll send the code separately in a message.

    Stay tuned for more updates—we’re hoping to reduce your dependency on sending messages even more.

    Connecting to wifi

    These days, wifi is like electricity, so you’ll want to help ensure your guests have no trouble connecting right away. It’s easy to add this info under “wifi details,” which includes:

    • Your wifi network name
    • Your wifi network password

    It’s that simple! While it’s helpful to mention wifi info in your house manual, including it in your Arrival Guide can make it easily accessible to guests on their phones—and help them connect to the internet faster. 

    As a final step, you may also want to think about adjusting your message templates since your new automated Arrival Guide will now include much of the same information you used to have to send manually.

    We're super excited about this new tool and—once your listing details are complete—we hope it gives you a little more time and even happier guests. We welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing how we can improve the tool over time. Feel free to pop over to the Community Center and leave us a comment or note.

    By adding this info, and the other features above, you’ll help ensure that every guest will receive an Arrival Guide full of important details, every time.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.


    • The new Arrival Guide now surfaces important details to help welcome your guests with ease—and save you time

    • Double check that basic info, like directions to your space, is available in the “info for guests” section of your Listings tab
    May 13, 2021
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