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    Airbnb Answers: A faster, simpler claims process for hosts

    Now get 14 days to report property damage, plus more host-inspired changes.
    By Airbnb on Sep 21, 2018
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    Updated Mar 19, 2021

    You asked: What is Airbnb doing to better support hosts if things go wrong?

    The short answer is: a lot! Before we dive in to the exciting changes we’re working on, there’s one important thing to keep in mind: Instances of property damage on Airbnb are quite rare. On average, significant claims of damage happen less than 0.004% of the time. That means, you could host a new reservation every day for 63 years and never expect to have to file a significant damage claim.

    But it’s true that accidents do happen, and if they do, we want your home and valuables to be protected. That’s why we created safeguards like the security deposit and $1,000,000 USD Host Guarantee* in the first place, and that’s why we’re committed to making sure they work for you.

    We’ve heard from you that the process to access these safeguards feels like it takes too long and is too complicated. And that it’s hard to access your security deposit or get reimbursed through the Host Guarantee. And that’s unacceptable.

    So we’re completely revamping the process for damage claims to make it more host-friendly. Here are four big changes you can expect:

    Now you’ll have more time
    You used to have to report damages within 72 hours after checkout or before your next guest's check-in, whichever was earlier. Now you have 14 days, or before your next guest's check-in, whichever is earlier. We’re also going to be giving you a lot more time to complete the claims process—it’s longer than two weeks now.

    You don’t have to do as much legwork
    We’ve reduced the amount of documentation required for most claims.

    You can expect a fair payout
    We’re now consistently including sales tax and other associated costs in our reimbursement to hosts.

    You can expect quicker answers
    We’ve revamped the way the Airbnb support team handles cases like these to make it faster and easier for hosts. Already, since we’ve introduced these improvements, claim-resolution time has decreased by more than 20% in the past few months.

    We’re looking at the full picture here, and we realize we have a ways to go. But we’re actively working on making the entire experience better for you when you need support.

    Thank you for your feedback on this important issue so far, and please keep letting us know how we can improve. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as more improvements roll out. 

    *Airbnb’s Host Guarantee doesn’t apply to hosts who offer accommodations through Airbnb Travel, LLC, hosts in mainland China, hosts in Japan, hosts of experiences, or hosts of adventures.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.

    Sep 21, 2018
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