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    Reopening in-person Experiences

    Here’s what to know about reopening your Experience safely.
    By Airbnb on May 19, 2022
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    Updated May 19, 2022


    Hosts now have the option to reinstate their in-person Experiences in certain countries and regions. You may have some questions about where Experiences are being reopened, and how to safely reopen your Experience to guests. 

    Below is the most up-to-date information on the regions where in-person Experiences have either been paused or reopened:

    • We have reopened in-person Experiences in most regions, and as of October 1, 2021, Airbnb Adventures have reopened in the same countries and regions. 

    • For more information about the Airbnb Experiences COVID-19 reopening fee waiver terms, tap or click here.

    • For more information about the Airbnb Adventures COVID-19 region Reopening Fee Refund/Waiver Terms, tap or click here.

    • The following region has not reopened and in-person Experiences continue to be paused through June 1, 2022: Hong Kong.

    For Hosts in this region, cancellations will be processed two to three days before the previous extension end date, and affected guests will be sent a $25 coupon to redeem on a future Experience. 

    For more details on what these changes mean, here are some answers to common Host questions. 

    How are we assessing when to reopen a country for in-person Experiences?

    Please know that we want to reopen countries as quickly as possible, as long as it is permissible to do so. We continue to closely monitor government guidance, like restrictions on nonessential businesses and gatherings of three or more people.

    How can I restart my in-person Experiences?

    After you receive an email confirming that your country or region has reopened, you can add dates to your calendar for Experiences beginning on the date your country is reopening. 

    After your country reopens for in-person Experiences, we’ll waive our service fees for all eligible Experience bookings that eligible Hosts receive in the first eight weeks of reopening—up to $1,000 per Host. Experience Hosts are eligible if they had an Experience live on Airbnb on or before February 1, 2020, in mainland China and on or before March 16, 2020, in all other regions. 

    Read more about the fee waiver

    How can I host my in-person Experience safely now that my country has reopened?

    As part of Airbnb’s commitment to support the health and well-being of our community, all Hosts of in-person Experiences must follow our COVID-19 safety practices. If you’re not ready to resume hosting or follow these safety practices, you can snooze your listing by navigating to your Experiences listings in your Dashboard and selecting Pause for your Experience(s). 

    To help support you as travel evolves, we’ve created health and safety guidelines for in-person interactions during Experiences, as well as cleaning guidelines to help you prepare your space. These guidelines are meant to help you reduce potential risks to your health and safety and that of your guests.

    All Hosts must review and follow the guidelines, which include: 

    • Wearing a mask or face covering, when required by local laws or guidelines

    • Ensuring that you and your guests maintain six feet (two meters) of distance from each other, when required by local laws or guidelines

    • Limiting your experience to a maximum of 10 participants, including any Hosts or Co-Hosts

    • Following Airbnb’s cleaning guidelines to clean your space and any equipment during and between Experiences

    How many guests can I host?

    In-person Experiences are currently limited to a maximum of 10 participants, including any Hosts or Co-Hosts. You may be required to further reduce your group size to comply with local restrictions. 

    It’s your responsibility to stay up-to-date on your local restrictions and adjust your group size accordingly. Any Experiences found to violate local requirements and group size maximums may be removed from Airbnb.

    Where can I purchase cleaning supplies or protective gear?

    Hosts in certain areas can now access certain discounted cleaning products, protective gear, and cleaning professionals through Airbnb’s cleaning partnerships. 

    These partnerships include: 

    • Simply Supplies (US only): Stock up on hospitality-grade cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products. Get 20% off and free shipping on your first order. Shop now

    • Ekoklean (France only): Purchase cleaning kits and services for Hosts. Shop now

    • Cloralex (Mexico City only): Get Cloralex cleaning and sanitizing products delivered to your door. Shop now

    We’re continuing to work on partnerships that make it easier for you to access the supplies you need for cleaning and hosting, and we’ll update the list here when new resources become available.

    Is it possible that Experiences might shut down again?

    If Airbnb receives relevant government guidance, there is a chance we may have to cancel plans to reopen in a country or pause Experiences in a country after it has reopened. If this occurs, you can count on us to keep you informed.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.


    May 19, 2022
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