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Unique things to do in Mumbai

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Slumdog Millionaire tour of Dharavi slum in Mumbai
Join me to experience the largest slum of Asia - Dharavi. This walking tour of Dharavi slum will give you an eye opening experience. You will be able to see plastic recycling, aluminium recycling, leather industries, clothing manufacturers, soap factories, residential area's, pottery art & many more. You will be able to get interact with the locals of the slum. This slum tour will show you the reality of Dharavi slum. Looking forward to show you my slum.
Guided Full Mumbai Sightseeing Tour in Air Con Car
Join me with one of the must things to do in Mumbai, definitely the full Mumbai city sightseeing tour. My sightseeing tour makes it unique because it's an all inclusive tour, where you don't need to spend anything extra. I will meet you at the Gateway of India. We will use an air condition vehicle thoroughly the tour. I will take you to all the tourist places of the city also explore the hidden part of the city. After the tour I will drop you back to the starting point. Here is the itinerary of my city sightseeing tour in Mumbai. Victoria Train Station, Municipal Corporation Office, Maharashtra Police Head Quarters, Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Sasoon Dock, Indian Military Area, Afghan Church, Dhobhi Ghat, Flora Fountain, Shane Watson Hotel, Oval Cricket Ground, Mumbai University, Big Ben Clock of India, Bombay High Court, Nariman Point, City Parliament, Governor's House, Churchgate Railway Station, Marine Drive, Girgaun Chowpatty, Jain Temple, Hanging Garden, Kamla Nehru Park, Gandhiji's House Of Mumbai, Mahalakshmi Race-Course, Colaba Causeway - Street shopping of souvenirs for friends, Crawford Market - Spice Market, Pets Market, Dry-fruits Market.
Indian Cooking Class & Spice Market Tour with Akasha
We will meet at my home and we will involve ourselves in cooking activity. While cooking I will be sharing a lot of information about cooking and our culture. We will prepare traditional Indian dishes. Mushroom Tikka Masala Mushrooms marinated in a yogurt sauce with herbs and spices and baked, then served in a cooked tomatoes gravy Onion Pakoda Onions dipped in a batter made from gram flour and spices and served with salsa. Mint Chutney Palak Paneer Fresh paneer serves in a thick paste made from puréed spinach and seasoned with garlic and other spices. Special Jeera Rice. After everything is prepared we will sit together and eat later I would take around to show you my neighborhood Other things to note If you need anything special write in advance. I also have vegan option. Facebook project page Akasha Cooking Class
The other side of Mumbai!!
We will start at the Cuffe Parade community where we will not only experience but also participate in the daily activities of Mumbaikars. We will start at the laundry market (Dhobi Ghat). Next, we will help some families in filling their daily water supply, interact with local people & also visit a house which will give you an idea as to how people live happily together in the smallest of houses. We will end the tour with some local tea or fresh coconut water. Be ready to receive lots of smiles & greetings during this entire tour!! Other things to note During the monsoons (June to September), please carry an umbrella / raincoat. As the community could get muddy incase of heavy rain, please wear appropriate footwear. We do not recommend slippers! We recommend to be appropriately dressed. (No shorts / slevelees tops)
A walk through Sasoon Docks
We will begin with visiting one of the oldest & biggest fishing colonies in Mumbai - Sassoon Dock. Here we will witness how hundreds of Mumbaikars start their day & earn their daily livelihood. We will see the cleaning & peeling of prawns, the ice factories for the fishing boats, a live fish auction, an actual fishing boat & many more activities. It is an absolute vibrant & buzzing place which is a great way to start your day & tour.
Entertain aged people with Old Hindi Songs at old age homes
We meet at a old age home in Mumbai at the appointed time, but do check with us which is our next scheduled old age home where we go. While I set our Karaoke equipment ready, we can get introduced to each other & get comfortable. Then we start with our karaoke songs playing directly from the internet in front of the residents. If you choose to be a silent spectator, it's fine with us. We would sing as many songs of single male & female & duets & take turns to sing. We also encourage, visitors and residents to sing alone or be part of our singing. While we sing, we would also video record this experience & share it with you after the event. Other things to note: We would enter the place using masks, however, during singing, we will remove our masks. Please see our reviews & you will know that we used to conduct our sessions earlier in old age homes, till the pandemic struck. We now also visit various homes in Mumbai, where senior citizens reside and are lonely and look forward to entertainment, and if you want us to conduct a session at the residence of your loved parents or elders, or would like us to support them for anything, please feel free to message us about it. Please confirm the date and time with us over messaging before you do the booking. We are vaccinated as per Covid protocol and can furnish our certificates on demand.
Enjoy Mumbai tour with Sunrise on a Brompton folding cycle
This is a cycling experience in the city I live, to one of the few unexplored locations of this city close to a beach, by a visitor who is not a resident of Mumbai. We cycle early morning before the traffic begins. You need to be very comfortable with cycling & especially on city roads where traffic can be chaotic. We will stop on the way to take pictures & then go to our planned location which is a beach location or an open area, and take pictures there too. We would end our experience in about 2 to 2.5 hours with a light breakfast and tea at a nearby restaurant. We would provide a Brompton folding cycle to you with a helmet and safety red light at the rear. However, its important for you to accept that safety for you is in your hands. Please always ride along with the host and follow his instructions clearly, even while riding. We would not be responsible if there is any untoward experience of danger to life due to irresponsibly riding the cycle on the road. Having said this, please do look forward to a good experience of riding the cycle to this place of interest in Mumbai. The Brompton has a hub gear & we will guide you how to use it. Please follow the instructions carefully. The folding cycle is easier to ride. We show you the location which otherwise is not easy for you as a visitor to plan as a tour in Mumbai, since it's not listed in any tourist location list of Mumbai.
Must Things To Do In Mumbai Historical Street Food Tour
Experience Mumbai's Charm with a local through its Iconic street food. Our food trail consists of munching flavorsome mouth-watering street foods. I strive to connect you to the beat of the city, which is authentic Indian Street Food. The food will be very tasty and very hygienic. In my opinion, one who travels requires a local guide to explore the hidden places of a city, not your “top three” destinations on some random website. We take public transport while a food tour. You move through the city like a Mumbaikar. Also, try and smile! A smile and a head-wag can take you to Indian Street Food you’d never dream of in India :) Other things to note 1. If you are interested in the tour but would like to do the same in Private Transportation, that can be arranged. 2. Flexibility in the pick-up or meeting point is possible. (subject to other guests) Please feel free to ask in case of any queries. Important Note: be with a hungry appetite. :)
A Short shopping spree at Linking Road
We will start our 1.5 hour shopping spree at Linking Road,' one of the most popular shopping hub in Bandra', Also known as' Queen of Suburbs,We will meet at a Popular location. After a brief introduction,this will be our time to get to know each other and help me curate the experience best to your personal preference. This experience is designed to help you Shop and to feel the local flavour of the market Exploring local brands Spotting the best bargain for your buck Navigating through streets like a local Finally a Walk in the local garden (optional)depending on time/climate We’ll then begin navigating this stretch of about a kilometer, from little corners and shopping windows traversing through local streets. Spotting brands that are very local and unique to the city. Although Linking road has more options for Handbags and Foot wears you will also get wide range of junk jewelry & accessories too. And it's great for gifts to take back home If you have shortage of time but still want to dive into the world of fashion discounts, this is the experience you definitely want to book. You will definitely at least have one shopping bag & wearing a smile after this wonderful experience. Other things to note If you have any preference of time slot, dates,group size,Please send me a message, I will try my best to make some adjustments if Possible but a day Prior to final reservations My other Shopping Experience on Airbnb too, The link given below-
Expore Mumbai Culture & Heritage sites
Gateway of India: The Gateway of India is, without doubt, one of the most popular tourist hotspots of Mumbai which overlooks the Arabian Sea in the most beautiful way. ‌Marine Drive: Marine Drive is a km long, arc shaped boulevard along the South Mumbai coast, starting from the southern end of Nariman Point and ending at the famous Chowpatty beach. ‌Flora Fountain: Also known as 'Hutatma Chowk' since 1960, is declared as one of India's Heritage structures. Built in 1864, this tourist spot houses India's prestigious fountain, located in the city of Mumbai. ‌Colaba Causeway: From roadside vendors to glamorous boutiques, the street sells everything you can think of buying – in different quality and prices. ‌Victoria Terminus: The marvellous structure is an awesome illustration of the Victorian-Gothic style of architecture in India. In fact, the railway station, which still functions as usual, is declared as a World Heritage Site under UNESCO Train Traveling Get Experience of Local train (Mumbai Life Line) The Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Ensembles of Bombay
Ethnic Budget Shopping Santacruz Market
We will start our 2 hours Shopping Spree at Santacruz Market by meeting a Popular location.After a brief introduction, learning about your personality, style and preferences, this will help me design your own experience accordingly to your needs. So, Get ready, Together We strolled around Santacruz Market looking for some budget shopping, it's a must visit shopping destination, On the surface it looks like any market but if you spend time there, it has some hidden gems.First off, it’s all about getting into the narrow lanes and looking beyond the usual stuff. Santacruz West market is a haven for all your ethnic shopping needs! If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend a bomb then here’s where you should head: This market has a huge repertoire of shopping options from mini shopping markets and tiny street shops & standalone stalls. Although these are shopping hubs suitable for every pocket size, I will take you around the labyrinthine lanes of this most famous market,for all your ethnic wears along with matching accessories(those shiny jhumkas or earings and colorful bangles,these are top favorites for accessorizing those ethnic outfit) & popular indian traditional foot wear ( juttis/kholhapuri chappals) to complete your ethnic attire, which is not be possible without a local guide. I will take you to the most unexplored shops and help you buy the best deals Possible. Other things to note If you have any preference of time slot, dates, Group size, Please send me a message, A day prior to the final Reservation, I will try my best to make some adjustments if Possible View My Other Shopping Experiences. 1-Shopping in Bandra 'Queen of Surburbs'. 2-A Short shopping spree at Linking Road.
Cooking & Eating Indian food with Rita
[Kids are welcome to join] We will together prepare and eat a complete vegetarian Indian meal - which will have: 1. Appetizer 2. Curries + Indian Bread (Roti) 3. Rice 4. Dal (Pulses) 5. Drink 6. Dessert The exact menu would be based on what vegetables are available fresh and your preferences. You will get hands-on experience preparing the meal with help from me and will learn about the origins of the dish they're preparing, the spices they're using and several possible variations you can try later at home. We will all then sit and eat together and you can ask me any and all questions about Mumbai, India or anything at all! Other things to note Please let me know in advance in case of: 1. Any allergies 2. Any specific request for recipes (I will try my best to accommodate this)
Shopping in Bandra 'Queen of Suburbs'
We will start our 2 hours shopping spree at Linking road, by meeting a Popular location. After a brief introduction & learning about your personality, style and preferences, It will help me Customize your shopping experience accordingly. So,Get ready, Together we'll stroll around this must visit shopping destination, its famous for wide variety style foot wear and handbags & fashion accessories. I will take you to the most unexplored shops and help you buy the best deals Possible. Next we will head towards HILL ROAD SHOPPING MARKET, One of the major attractions that makes Bandra popular, The ultimate street shopping destination, you will find everything in this 2 Km stretch.This market has a huge repertoire of shopping options from mini shopping markets and tiny street shops & standalone stalls dispensing everything from latest trendy clothes, accessories, junk jewelry. Although these are shopping hubs suitable for every pocket size, I will take you around the labyrinthine lanes of this most famous market, to basically explore street shopping & you can also enjoy the famous Indian Chaat at food stalls .We will also visit the famous indoor Elco Arcade, it has ethnic wear shops, indo western readymade garment shops reasonably Priced. Other things to note If you have any preference of time slot, dates, Group size, Please send me a message, A day prior to the final Reservation, I will try my best to make some adjustments if Possible. My other Shopping Experience on Airbnb too, link given below-
Learn how to drape a Saree
The guests will learn how to drape a Saree in a matter of minutes . Yes, it’s that simple! I not only provide you with a smart learning experience of how to drape a Saree, but offer some of the most popular forms of Saree draping styles. With this, you also find some handy tips that help bring out the complete gracefulness of a Saree. Now you can dress up in a desirable Saree style all by yourself.
Learn traditional beautiful Rangoli
Rangoli is an Indian ancient art and it is thought to bring good luck. The workshop will be for 3 hours. The workshop will start by explaining what is rangoli and why we make rangoli. Then guest will learn basic steps in making rangoli. By the end of workshop, guest will make a beautiful rangoli on their own.
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