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Customizing Instant Book settings

Instant Book makes it easier for guests to book your place, without requiring you to manually review and accept their requests.

All guests must agree to your house rules before booking, and if you’re uncomfortable with an Instant Book reservation, you can cancel the reservation. However, there will be certain Host penalties for cancelling reservations. But if you’d like more control, there are a few extra features you can set up.

Additional guest requirements

All guests meet Airbnb’s booking requirements, but you’re welcome to add more at any time in our Instant Book settings:

  • Government-issued ID: Limit bookings to guests who’ve submitted their government-issued IDs to Airbnb
  • Recommendations from other Hosts: Limit bookings to guests who’ve traveled on Airbnb and received only positive reviews
  • Pre-booking message: Create a preset message with questions for guests to respond to when booking

Note: You must turn on Instant Book to add guest requirements to your listing.

To add Instant Book requirements:

  1. Go to your Listings and select a listing
  2. Click Policies and rules
  3. Next to Instant Book, click Edit
  4. Select Instant Book on, and select your guest requirements
  5. Click Save

Advance notice

To avoid last-minute bookings, you can set both advance notice and preparation time between bookings, and we’ll automatically block these days on your calendar.

  • Same day (with a cut-off time)
  • At least 1 day
  • At least 3 days
  • At least 7 days

Trip length

Avoid reservations that are too long or short by setting your minimum and maximum trip length. If you don't set a limit, we’ll automatically apply a 31-night maximum.

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