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    What’s expected of Hosts and their Experiences

    Experiences must meet quality and safety standards. Experience Hosts must demonstrate expertise, insider access, and connection, which helps ensure high-quality Experiences led by knowledgeable, hospitable Hosts.

    What we do allow

    • Health and safety compliance: An Experience is allowed as long as Hosts comply with health and safety laws and safety requirements.
    • Food safety precautions: An Experience with food is only allowed if the Host takes adequate precautions to avoid food borne illnesses and meet Airbnb’s standards for food handling during Experiences.
    • Select animals: Direct contact with animals is only allowed for domesticated or farm animals. Safe distance should be maintained for all other animals. Hosts must meet Airbnb’s guidelines for animal welfare.
    • Select experiences involving weapons: An Experience involving firearms or bladed and projective weapons is allowed as long as Hosts limit the Experience to guests 18 years or older, are in compliance with local laws regarding location and insurance required, and have demonstrated proof of proper permits validated by Airbnb’s designated provider.
    • Select adult themes: Hosts may offer Experiences with sexual themes not intended for sexual arousal (ex: pole dancing exercise class, boudoir photography, sex history, etc. are permitted), provided they take place in commercial properties only. But, Hosts must limit such Experiences to guests 18 years or older and disclose any sexual themes (such as nudity), who else may be present, privacy levels of the location, and give guests the option to opt-out if they become uncomfortable.
    • Political activities: Experiences involving political activities are allowed only if they are informational and educational in nature and do not include direct political actions, like campaigning and fundraising.

    What we don’t allow

    • Animal exploitation/abuse: Hosts must not allow direct interactions with wild animals (ex: riding, petting, feeding), with overworked and overloaded domestic and/or working animals, or promote and offer sporting events (such as bull running and horse racing) or the purchase or consumption of wild animal products.
    • Adult themes: Hosts must not offer sexually explicit activities like going to strip clubs or visiting pornographic theaters. Experiences with nudity and certain sexual themes cannot take place in residential accommodations.
    • Dangerous sports: Hosts should not offer Experiences involving extreme heights or caves (ex: bungee, skydiving, heli-skiing, cave diving), certain ocean activities (ex: free diving, kiteboarding, shark diving), or certain ice or mountain activities (ex: canyoneering, ice climbing, free climbing).
    • Disregard for safety: Host must take sufficient and appropriate precautions when planning and executing activities.
    • Gendered experiences: Hosts may not offer single-gender experiences, unless one of the following reasons applies: legal or cultural requirements, privacy requirements, or safe space requirements.

    Learn more about Airbnb Experiences standards and requirements.

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    If you witness or experience behavior that goes against our policies, please let us know.

    While these guidelines don’t cover every possible scenario, they’re designed to offer general guidance on Airbnb’s community policies.

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