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Experience Host

Sharing messaging and the Calendar with assistants or Co-Hosts of Airbnb Experiences

If you've accepted an invitation to join an Experience team as a Co-Host or assistant, the primary Host will grant you permission to communicate with guests and/or edit the Calendar.

Responding to guest inquiries

You’ll be able to respond to guest inquiries—both new ones and recent message threads—via your own Airbnb inbox. Guests will see your title (Co-Host or assistant) next to your name. To keep things simple for your guests, only 3 team members can respond to guest inquiries. And you’ll only receive group thread messages about booked Experiences that haven’t started yet.

Managing the Experience Calendar

If the primary Host has given you access to scheduling, you'll be able to view the Calendar and add or edit entries. You can also message booked guests from the Calendar.

Learn more about joining or removing yourself from an Experience team.

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