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Experience Host

Joining or removing yourself as Co-Host or assistant of an Airbnb Experience

Teamwork makes the Airbnb Experience work. You can come on board as a Co-Host or assistant, if the primary Host sends you an invitation.

How to join

Look for an email with an invitation link from the primary Host of the Airbnb Experience. You can join with your personal Airbnb account, or create one if you don't have an account yet.

Just fill in the required information and send it back for our team to review. As soon as you've been approved, you're good to go.

Setting permissions

The primary Host sets each team member’s permissions and can change these at any time.

Removing yourself from the team

When you leave a team, you’ll still have your Airbnb account, but you won't be able to host or manage the Experience. If you were a Co-Host, you'll be removed from the Experience page. This is a permanent step, so you’ll need to be reinvited to the team and have your information reviewed by Airbnb again if you want to rejoin.

How to remove yourself

  1. On the Edit experience page under General settings, click Team
  2. Click your name and click the three dot menu ()
  3. Select Remove and click Confirm

You and the primary Host will receive a confirmation email.

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