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    Can I split my payouts between different payout methods?

    Yes. Once a payout method that you've added is Ready, you'll have the option to split your payouts by property, percentage, or both.

    This feature isn't available in the Airbnb app, so you'll need to visit the site from an internet browser to access these settings.

    1. Go to Account > Payments & Payouts > Payouts
    2. Under Want to split your payouts?, click or tap Routing rule and choose where to send your money 

    Upcoming payouts

    When you add a new payout routing rule, it won't retroactively apply to already confirmed reservations. It will apply to new bookings that are made after the rule is added.

    You can always view the details of upcoming payouts in your transaction history. If your payout for a particular reservation is Pending, you can change your payout method by using the drop-down menu.

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