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    How long does it take to set up a new payout method?

    After you add a new payout method, it takes some additional time for that method to be verified—when it is, its status will change to Ready.

    While available payout methods and currencies differ by country, the average verification time for each payout method is:

    • Bank transfer/ACH/direct deposit: Up to 10 business days, depending on country
    • International wire: Up to 2 business days
    • PayPal: Up to 2 business days
    • Western Union: Up to 2 business days, depending on country
    • Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card: Generally, 2 business days for approval, 4-15 days until you receive your physical card
    • Alipay: Up to 5 business days (available for mainland China hosts only)

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