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Unique things to do in Ecuador

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El Arte de tu Taza de Café
Hola, te invitamos a que vivas una experiencia única. Cataremos cafés de varias zonas del país con lo que podrás descubrir el potencial de cada uno y su perfil. Además aprenderás todo lo que necesitas saber para preparar una taza de café única en la comodidad de tu casa con cafés increíbles. Un experiencia que te volará los sentidos, hacer café es un arte.
Make chocolate and awaken your senses
Transform a cocoa bean into the best adventure for your five senses: <> Prepare chocolate in an artisanal way from the cocoa bean to the most delicious 100% chocolate. This includes: roasting the seed in a clay pot, peeling the seed, and grinding the seed in a traditional stone mill. <> Harvest exotic fruits and various medicinal plants directly from my garden and blend them with fresh chocolate to create the best experience for your palate. <> Enjoy a relaxing hand exfoliation in an incredible chocolate therapy, while you enjoy an ancient roasted cocoa tea or a cup of hot chocolate. <> Conclude your great experience by toasting life with an exceptional cocktail of chocolate and exotic fruits. In Ecuador we love cocoa and the whole process it goes through to become great chocolate, from this experience you will obtain the following benefits: - Cocoa in all its presentations is high in antioxidants, relieves stress, lowers cholesterol levels and even works as a diuretic. - You can enjoy a cultural immersion with people who are passionate about sharing the best of themselves with others. We are sure it is an unforgettable experience! *** This experience can be vegan or vegetarian of choice.
Cotopaxi volcano, horseback riding & hiking
If you are passing by here. Then you found the right person! 224 tours at this location done and counting. Our horseback riding takes place at one of the most amazing National Parks in the world. We will start from your accommodation placement if it's only you the only participant otherwise we Will set up a meeting point according to all participants locations. We start at 7 or 8 am depending on weather conditions or week day. We will departure in south direction passing by the ✔️AVENUE OF THE VOLCANOES. After one hour we would already enter to the National Park where we plan to stop by ✔️ AGUALONGO spot to see the prints left by the last Volcanic activity. Then we will pass by ✔️LIMPIOPUNGO lake that is a glaciars origin lake. Then we Will pass by the ✔️STONES VALLEY where a huge amount of small and big rocks show the powerful of the volvanic activity caused ✔️COTOPAXI. Then our horses will be waiting for us. Hopefully we will see wild horses during the riding. Then we Will take the car to the 4700 meters to start a 1 hour hiking to the Shelter. Once up There we can take out our own box lunches and enjoy our submit. Then we will take the way down and return to Quito by 4:30 pm. Note: * Please inform if you have horseback riding experience and if there was any information about your weight to be consider on order to choose the right horse for you.
Marlin Fishing in the Galapagos Islands
The local term for Sport Fishing in the Galapagos Islands is called "Pesca Vivencial" or roughly translated Vivencial Fishing. This term was assigned by the Galapagos National Park in December 2012 to encourage local fisherman to show international anglers the locations in the Islands where Marlin are abundant and healthy. Over the past 10 years we have learned from our customers techniques and equipment. Today we are an operation that keeps the Islands friendly traditions combined with modern vessels and equipment to enhance our customers experience on and off the water. For Marlin we follow the catch and release rules, for all other species, our customers and crew get to keep the bounty.
Isla de la Plata, guided tours
i invite you to have this amazing experience with our entire team. We will visit the island of la Plata, in Machalilla National Park we will take walks for birdwatching such as blue-footed piqueros, frigate, tropical birds and more! we will snorkel in the largest coral reserve in Ecuador, with tropical fish and chelonia turtles. this visit must be guided, it cannot be done on your own, you must always take a tour through an operator our service is personalized. we've created unique experiences.
Cooking class at a Colonial House with a professional Chef
Cook with me, a professional Chef in my historic house. There’s no better way to understand a culture than in the kitchen, where the history of the city and the people collide and on the stove. You will become part of the history of my family’s house, which has belonged to my family for 3 hundred years, while learning how to cook the two most representative recipes of the Quiteño culture. One of them has been passed from my late grandfather and the other one from my grandmother. All the ingredients will be local and organic in order to support local commerce. You will be making canelazo, a beverage with little alcohol, and empanadas de viento, a fried dough filled with cheese, both from scratch. We will also be doing a chocolate tasting while waiting from everything to be ready. You will eat and drink what you have prepared surrounded by a fantastic fountain in a colonial house.
Desciende en bicicleta desde el punto más cercano al sol
Súmate a un increíble recorrido que inicia con la visita al a la Reserva de Producción de Fauna Chimborazo, donde se encuentra el volcán Chimborazo más conocido como el punto más cercano al sol, visitaremos los Refugios Carrel a los 4800msnm y Whymper a 5000msnm, luego Laguna de Condor Cocha a 5100msnm, retornamos al Refugio Carrel donde inicia nuestro descenso en bicicleta en el cual disfrutaras de hermosos paisajes, podrás observar vicuñas las cuales solo las podemos ver en la Reserva , el recorrido en bicicleta finaliza al llegar a La Chorrera de San Juan que es un mágico acantilado ubicado a los 4000msnm en las faldas del Chimborazo, en este lugar para finalizar el recorrido realizaremos un trekking hasta la cascada que se encuentra en este sitio, luego retornaremos a la ciudad de Riobamba.
Get to know the best of Cuenca by walking through its Historic Center
During this tour we will get to know the city of Cuenca from the inside, we walk through the hidden places of this city and we will combine it with quality information from the City and Ecuador. We will enter old colonial houses and see with our eyes every detail, in addition to these houses being very nice to be able to take pictures of us. We will visit the Ecuadorian hat museum and have the opportunity to learn about their making process along with a current demonstration of making hats. On our tour we will have the opportunity to try and taste organic French style cheese combined with various spices and various flavors, a coffee or a quality organic chocolate, in a place where we can see how it is grilled at that time to the coffee, we will have the opportunity to try 100% handmade Ecuadorian sweets and at the end of our tour we will visit a brewery where we can buy Ecuadorian craft beer and be able to drink it in that same place. We will definitely enjoy getting to know Cuenca differently and in a short time.
Amazing Snorkeling at Santa Fe Island
Disfruta de un maravilloso snorkeling en la isla Santa Fe! Durante este tour de snorkeling podrás ver muchos animales como lobos marinos, tiburones, tortugas y más! El punto de encuentro es en el Hotel Ninfa a las 8:10 am. Una vez que el grupo esté reunido, nos dirigiremos con el guía hasta la embarcación. La navegación desde Santa Cruz a Santa Fe es de 1 hora aproximadamente. Realizaremos snorkeling en varios puntos: - El Acantilado de Santa Fe - Bahía de Santa Fe - y finalmente un último punto en Playa Escondida (en este punto se puede desembarcar a la playa o hacer otro snorkeling) También se destina algo del tiempo del tour para hacer pesca (depende de las condiciones climáticas). Una vez finalizada la visita en el último punto, se retorna a las 3 pm aproximadamente a Santa Cruz. Tour incluye: - Almuerzo - Agua, te y café - Snack - toallas - Equipo de snorkeling (mascara, tubo y aletas) - Guia naturalista - Wetsuit (de renta abordo) Solo reserva tu espacio y nosotros nos encargamos de lo demás!
Tour Isla Floreana
Ven y conoce Galápagos de Verdad ! Nuestras Experiencias Terrestres y Marítimas están Ubicadas en la Isla Santa Cruz , conoce la parte alta de nuestra Isla en un Tour 100% Guiado ( Ingles - Español) y conocer las Tortugas en Estado Natural En el Mar es totalmente distinto , invitamos al pasajero a embarcarse en nuestras embarcaciones y a conocer la : Isla Pinzon , Isla Santa Fe y la Isla Floreana . Dentro de nuestras embarcaciones está incluido: - Almuerzo - Guia ( Ingles / Español) - Soft Drinks - Toallas - Equipo de Snorkell Dentro de cada experiencia podrás interactuar con aves y animales acuáticos Y al finalizar disfrutar de un tiempo de Pesca Deportiva donde podrán hacer lo mismo que hacen nuestros pescadores artesanales , para más información no dudes en escribirme al : +593958922503
Cuenca City Photo & History Tour
Tour the historic center of Cuenca with a photographer and take home the best memories of your trip. We will visit secret and unique spaces of the city with the best landscapes in Cuenca while taking a historical tour.
Adventure in the beautiful Quilotoa Lagoon
We will start picking up all the participants from their location (in case that is farther from the city we will find a meeting point). Our trip will take at least3.5 hours from Quito to Quilotoa community, we can make a stop to take breakfast (in the case that you couldn't make it before we meet) and then continue our trip. On the way, we will see some places and towns until we arrive at the principal indigenous town of Zumbahua, where while we walk around we would see the traditional indigenous market (only on Saturday). Continuing our trip to the Lagoon, once we arrive we prepare all our staff to start our hike, there will be 3 options that you can chose once you see the landscape: 1. Hike surrounding the crater of the volcano (4 to 5 hours) 2. Hike in the regular path and visit the touristic spot (boats, kayaks) (2.5 to 3.5 hours) 3. Hike a non visited path and surround a little part of the lagoon to take the regular path. (2 to 3 hours) When we come back to the start point we will look for a place to have lunch (there are some options) and our trip to Quito will start again. Other things to note - This trip has a least 3.5 hours per way traveling from and to Quito. - There is the possibility to visit a gallery of a family of indigenous painters of the area. - Be prepared with warm clothes, this places is cold and windy, some days rain.
One day experience with the real Ecuador
Our experience starts early picking you up at your accommodation in Quito (Free in Quito’s downtown) Then we drive 80 minutes through Andes while I will be explaining about Ecuadorian history and some interesting facts. We will arrive to San Pablo lake and enjoy a local breakfast with an spectacular view. Then, we will drive next to Otavalo and discover Peguche waterfall while we discover the culture of Otavalos, local community of the Imbabura Province. In the waterfall we will hike 15 minutes and take beautiful pictures. After that, we will drive up to Cuicocha Lake, located inside a volcano caldera. We will visit a great viewpoint to admire this majestic landscape while we understand its formation 3k years ago. For lunch time, we have a local gastronomy experience with a 4 course meal trying some of the best Ecuadorian flavors. Then, we will spend some time in the Southamerican most largest handcrafted market "Mercado de Ponchos" where you can find very good deals in panama hats, alpaca blankets, and lots of handcrafted souvenirs. Of course I will assist you with my bargain skills in order to get the best deal. Finally we will be returning to Quito making a final stop to try a delicious coffee and local pastries before dropping off at your hotel / accomodation. If you want another date, please request availability. We will be glad to help you
Laguna del Quilotoa, tour full day
Visitaremos uno de los lugares más emblemáticos del Ecuador, la Laguna del Quilotoa y sus atractivos que lo rodean. Por lo tanto, visitaremos la comunidad indígena de Tigua, el mirador del Cañón del Rio Toachi, y por último el Volcán Quilotoa y su caminata hacia la laguna. INCLUYE: Entrada a los atractivos Transporte turístico Guía turístico NO INCLUYE: Bebidas Propina
Cacao Farm, Lets Make Chocolate, EcoLiving- Cocoa Tour
Thank you for your interest in the Cacao-Chocolate and Sustainable Life experience. Meeting point: BAMBU MARKET located in the heart of Ruta del Spondylus, town of Manglaralto (in front of MANGLARALTO EDUCATIONAL UNIT) And we will head towards the Samkhya Agro-ecological Estate located 6 kilometers east of the Spondylus Route via Manglaralto-Dos Mangas. In Samkhya we live and share with our visitors a vision of harmonious and respectful life with mother earth. Taking care of the land, she will take care of us. We grow cocoa, fruit trees, vegetables, medicinal herbs, all 100% organic We start with a short walk to our home where we will share our experience in orchards, bioconstructions, medicinal herbs, and experience the vibrant frequencies of Tibetan Cuenals. We will taste the thousand-year old drink Kombucha: extraordinary natural and exceptional dietary regulator of the Digestivo system. Then we will proceed to visit the Fino de Aroma National Cacao Cacao, we will harvest Cacao, we will taste the flavor of the freshly harvested almond. We will explain the cacao cultivation and varieties process. We will roast, we will crush and grind Cacao, to finally make Aescan cocoate. We will provide healthy snacks, organic coffee and fresh herbal drinks. A delicious and aromatic experience.
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