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Unique things to do in Alaska

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Highland Hugs
Visit and connect with the old world house cow of the North, the Scottish Highland cow. You can get close to this docile breed: pet, scratch, brush and even hug these magnificent beasts. They love it as much as you will. There are calves and they are very cute! If you are feeling adventuresome, book two hours, from 9 -11. I let the cows out at nine. We can go with them for some forest bathing as they browse in the woods. We might identify some edible plants and berries and bring them back with us. We will be out for about one hour. Then we will come back for some cuddles with the calves and yearlings. I may prepare a snack incorporating things we have found in the woods. This experience will require sure footedness, heavy clothes, mosquito protection, and hiking boots. Mostly trail less with some heavy brush. This experience would be the best way to share our lifestyle with you.
Denali Fat Truck Tours
We offer year round: 2-hour, 4-hour, or all-day off-road Alaska Backcountry tours. The tour is given in a Canadian built amphibious 8 person Search & Rescue Fat Truck owned and operated by your host, which protects you from the harsh Alaska weather, from -40 degrees below zero to 90 above (yes it gets that hot in Alaska). Your tour guide, an Alaska State Trooper (soon to retire), will tell you stories of survival and search & rescues as you watch for wildlife and explore the Otto Lake, Dry Creek Drainages, and Stampede Trail (made famous by the movie “Into the Wild”). The impressive vehicle will slowly carry you effortlessly over varying terrains other ATVs can’t go including; historic trails, tundra, creek beds, lakes, and marshes. Winter tours include Aurora (Northern Lights) viewing, snow capped mountain vistas, and photo ops with snowshoes (the original winter search and rescue vehicle). Summer tours include education on Alaska flora and fauna, and the abundant natural resources. Year round, the tour offers wildlife viewing opportunities from the safety and comfort of the Fat Truck just outside Denali National Park, including; Moose, Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Wolves, Fox, Lynx, Bald Eagles, Coyotes, marmots, etc. Your tour guide has a long career full of unique Alaska experiences chasing criminals and doing search and rescues in the Last Frontier.
Forage and feast on wild pesto in beautiful forest
You’ll jump into foraging Alaska’s stash of vitamin rich plants often mistaken for useless weeds. We’ll seek-out seasonal flowers, berries, greens, and other plants used in traditional Native Alaskan foods and medicine. In early June we’ll forage for spruce tips and Arctic rose blossoms. We’ll also gather dandelions, clovers, miners lettuce or lambs quarter, plantains, and chickweed for our pesto. We'll meet at the big white barn, by the picnic tables. First off, we'll go over the seasonal plants. Then, we'll stroll along foraging plants and chatting. I love to answer your questions from plants to survival skills and most everything in between. We’ll conclude back at the picnic table for the final segment- cooking and snacking on wild Alaskan plants. We’ll start by making a pesto from our foraged plants. Then, have a tasting-picnic of pesto, Alaskan-wild jam, fresh bread, and herbal iced tea made from foraged plants. You’ll leave with a fresh knowledge of wild edibles and an appreciation of how native Alaskans survived here for generations. You may even develop a passion for foraging! *We’ll walk on dirt trails- no high heels please. *Dogs are welcome. They must be on leash at all times. ** For everyone’s safety, the tour will be canceled if the air quality index is unhealthy (130+ AQI) due to forest fires.
My off-grid homestead life w/ sled dogs
I will show you my personal Alaskan life at my off the beaten path homestead, just south of Talkeetna. Of course you will meet my Alaskan husky sled dogs. They are a rowdy bunch, but also super friendly and some (Sam and Hayden) even think that 50 - 60 lb is a perfect size to be a lap dog. You will meet each dog individual and learn about sled dogs in general. You will also learn about how the dogs are an integral part of my life and will sit at my kitchen table to see what it takes to live in Alaska year round without having any utility connections (no running water or electricity network hookup). I have setup many systems to still live a relative modern life in summer as well as in winter. You will learn about how me and the dogs collect our own water, haul our own firewood and building material, and how I grow, ferment, bake and gather 80% of my own food. Besides helping me with these tasks the dogs also provide me with winter transportation to explore the incredible back-country of Alaska in winter. It is a unique opportunity to see how and why we live here in the far north. Come visit me and my dogs. Note: * Guests have to be interested in working dogs and off-grid living. * I have no running water and sport an outhouse. No smoking, no animals of any kind. * This is not a large scale tourist destination, but my real life.
Relaxed kayak and hike
Let's give AK a good paddle!! This can be a great way to begin your Alaskan vacation or an enjoyable and relaxed way to end your AK adventure! As a long time local I am happy to offer advice on what to do (attractions, eating, recreation). You will be paddling on a local gem, Beach Lake, were we will enjoying mountain views and Alaskan wildlife (possibly including eagles and loons, moose, bears, fox, coyote, porcupine ect.) This is a great time to take photos, chat or just enjoy the quiet calm waters of Beach Lake. After kayaking across the lake we will leave the kayaks and go for a short hike/walk through the forrest to a salt water inlet beach that offers great views and very limited crowds. Here guests can take in the views and enjoy a truly Alaskan beach. After a 20-30 minute walk at the beach we will return to the kayaks and spend the rest of the time paddling on Beach lake back to where we started. **Aug 15-Sept 30 submit request for your desired date and time**
Hike with Huskies in Fairbanks, Alaska
Get out of the city and into the Alaskan wilderness with a "husky hike" - guided nature hike with your own Siberian Husky sled dog. After a brief tour of the homestead, we will visit the dog yard and you will meet your hiking partner, one of our friendly Siberian Husky sled dogs. You will learn to harness your husky, and then together we will embark on a nature walk through the old growth boreal forest that surrounds the homestead. This is hike is 3 miles round trip and crosses uneven, moderately steep terrain. We will point out wildflowers, trees, and animals on our walk up to the top of the ridge, where vast panoramic views of the Chatanika River Valley and the White Mountains await. We will sit on top of the ridge and enjoy a hot drink, home-baked treat, and the company of your sled dog partner before we descend down through the cranberry bushes and ferns back to the kennel. On this tour you will have the opportunity to learn about Siberian Huskies, the natural history of Alaska, sled dogs, the Iditarod Sled Dog Race (Lisbet is a 3-time finisher), and off-grid living. This tour is 2-3 hours total, from arrival to departure. Other things to note: Bring hiking shoes, light jacket in case of wind/rain, water bottle, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Be prepared to walk up and downhill on uneven terrain. *Contact us to request dates not on the calendar.*
Extraordinary Wildlife Scenic Flight
We will meet at my airplane and I will go over a safety orientation on the aircraft. I will show you how everything functions. My intercom is excellent, allowing for clear communications. I’ll also describe our intended flight path and prepare you for highlights you can anticipate and be prepared for; like a bear den in April or a baby caribou calf in May. Photographs taken from the airplane of wildlife are possible. However, I will not fly in a manner that may disturb them. Weather plays a critical role in every flight. If the weather is poor, we may not fly. Fortunately that does not happen very often. Give me a call and lets go flying! Other things to note I am available to fly at any time during the day between 7am and 8pm. The $100.00 flight is for 15 minutes. Other options include a half hour flight for $175 and a full hour flight for $325.00
Medicinals and Edibles of the Boreal Forest- A Guided Forage
Experience the iconic Alaskan boreal forest in a way you never imagined! In this guided forage we’ll be winding through our private nature trails, observing, smelling, feeling, TASTING!, and learning all about this unique ecosystem and it’s edible and medicinal treasures. Here’s a little bit of what you’ll encounter, depending on the season: Witness the highly medicinal chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) emerging from a slowly dying birch tree (Betula neoalaskana). Feel what it’s like to walk on a carpet of native trailing raspberry (Rubus Parvifolius) and taste it’s juicy red fruits. See how Devil’s Club (aka Alaskan ginseng; Oplopanax horridus), is every bit as intimidating as its name would suggest, but is actually edible and has a wide range of medicinal characteristics. Taste the sweet astringency of plump black currants (Ribes hudsonianum) or the delicate floral notes of the ubiquitous wild rose (Rosa acicularis). Hear the soft music of the trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides) and smell the tell-tale spring fragrance of the balsam poplar (Populus balsamifera) buds. Sample the fresh spring shoots of twisted stalk (Streptopus amplexifolius) or it’s “watermelon berries” later in the summer. The iconic Alaskan fireweed (Chamaenerion angustifolium) is sure to delight the senses, and lets us know that winter is only 6 weeks away!
Girdwood Custom Photoshoot
Visit a few of my favorite local outdoor spots here in beautiful scenic Girdwood to have professional photos taken of you, your family, or friends! Explore a few hidden gems just right off the beaten path and take home beautiful photos to remember your time in this unique Alaskan resort town. *If you don’t see the time or date you prefer, please message me! * -Meeting Time! First we will meet in Girdwood Town Square near the local post office to get to know each other. This location is easy to find in the town of Girdwood and has available parking year round. -Photo Session/Explore (1 hour) We will visit a few unique outdoor locations right here in Girdwood to take some portrait photos. I will make suggestions based on time of year and weather conditions but they are all breathtaking and will offer great options for photos to remember your Alaskan experience. We can take your photos at a glacier-fed river, mossy old-growth Alaskan rainforest, local waterfall, and a local meadow with spectacular views of mountains. I do not provide transportation, but all photo locations are within a 5 minute drive of where we meet. After the experience, I will produce an online gallery and send a link to download your high-resolution photos straight to your devices. All images in the gallery are yours to save, print, or post wherever you’d like.
Alternative Arctic Farm Tour - Pigs, Aquaponics, Microgreens
Fill your belly and your soul as you harvest, pick, forage, and pet (the piggies!) a multitude of both cultivated and wild varieties of sustainable food sources in this incredible cornucopia of food! You will get to graze throughout your tour AND take some home with you! You'll be given a container with which to deposit your favorite goodies that you encounter during your tour including: microgreens, edible flowers, wild and cultivated varieties of berries, snap peas, and other delicious wild and garden goodies. And don't forget about our porky pals. They won't fit in your container, but they'll love any ear and belly scratches you'd like to give them! We will first meet at The Grow Room, where we'll see our aquaponics operation - from fish to vegetable - and sample some of what's coming out of the grow bed. Then we'll take a look at our signature product - microgreens, and be able to graze some of these beautiful varieties, right off the stem, where you'll taste their vibrancy and incredible flavors. Next, we'll go see where our microgreens waste goes to and watch our porcine friends (piggies) literally, "pig out"! Then we'll take a tour of our burgeoning food forest of arctic hardy apple trees and berry bushes. We'll end our tour by checking out our vegetable and edible flower beds and again, be able to taste some some of the fruits of our labor.
Kayak & Unwind on Glacial Lake Tour in Historic Moose Pass
As we paddle our kayaks along the shores of glacially-fed Trail Lake, this small Alaskan town’s history will come to life with the stories of locals like Alaska Nellie, Gold Miner Joe, and Mad Sally (the cantankerous cat). If we time it just right, we'll get to provide the passengers of the historic Alaska Railway the opportunity to wave excitedly at us as they rumble on past, something they just seem to get an absolute thrill out of every time! To top things off, we'll also get a unique view of a section of the famed, Historic Iditarod Trail and you'll learn how a stubborn Moose seems to have been at fault for the name of our friendly little mountain town. Come join us for some frontier hospitality here in Moose Pass, Alaska!
Beluga Point Experience
I'll pick you up and we will drive to Beluga Point, while I entertain you with fun stories about my experiences. I'll take your photos in an amazingly stunning panoramic setting in one of the absolute best locations outside of Anchorage Alaska. We may see Beluga Whales and Dall Sheep. Have fun along the way while learning about the unique wildlife, sordid history, and much more... better than a guide, let us be your new local friends in Alaska and help you discover the very best this city has to offer! We go to Beluga Point for morning sunrises and afternoon sunsets. If your preferred date isn't available just send us a message, we're always here to help!
Northern light photography class and fat bike adventure
After a few minutes of getting to know each other we will pull out our cameras and talk about Fstop and ISO of your camera and how to use these features at night. (Photography not required for this trip) Then the adventure begins, you will jump on an electric fat tire bike and dive deep into the woods of alaska chasing the ever elusive northern lights. Picture your self in the wilds of Alaska staring up at a sky thats so bright you could read a book by the ambient pinks and greens rippeling across the sky. Seeing the northern lights is truly breath taking and something you will never forget. Come on out and enjoy a night with Chris Morse your local alaskan celebrity. Chris has been on 7 seasons of Alaskan tv shows and loves to share stories of growing up in Alaska.
Walk Kincaid with a Husky (for two)
We'll meet in the main parking lot at Kincaid Park. I will assure that visitors have the right gear, fitness, and experience for the current weather. We'll hike for the amount of time and the challenge that the visitors want to take on. They can choose up to a three-hour walk, from gentle to more strenuous. Note: price is for two people. Bring a friend! Other things to note You'll need to be in shape to walk up to three miles, over uneven terrain. The group will set the challenge level. Message me if you've got time to go slightly outside the city or in winter.
Seward Photo Walking Tour
Our experience will be a 2 hour walking tour of beautiful Seward, Alaska. We will begin downtown in Kawabe Park with a brief introduction and photography discussion. Our 1.5 mile guided walk will continue along the coast and finish at the Seward Harbor, stopping along the way to take photos and learn about the history of the area. (I will add more available dates the first week of each month.) Your guide, Kari, was born and raised in Alaska and is a local resident of Seward. She has printed photography in several Alaska publications, and has worked as a naturalist/guide in the community. At the end of the tour all guests will receive a postcard with a list of photography editing apps to create stunning photos from the tour. Recommendations on scenic locations for photography and other local activities will be provided. There are public restrooms at the beginning and end of this tour, and a free local shuttle that can return you to downtown Seward. There is also plenty of free parking around Kawabe Park. Guests need comfortable walking shoes, a warm jacket and a camera or iPhone for taking photos!
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